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Man informs how he discovered dismembered body of dead man while searching for his cat – The Irish Times


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A man today informed of his shock and shock when he discovered the dismembered body of a father-of-three concealed in the bushes of a run-down house while searching for his missing out on cat.

Joe Pierce informed the murder trial of chef Ionut Cosmin Nicolescu at the Central Criminal Court being in Cork how he came home from work early on the afternoon of December 28th, 2018, to go searching for his cat, Mouse, after his partner informed him the elderly family pet had actually gone missing out on.

Mr Nicolescu from Branista Village, Damovita County, Romania, rejects the murder of 64-year-old Frankie Dunne at Castle Greine House on Boreenamanna Road on a date unidentified in between December 27th and December 28th, 2019, contrary to Common Law.

Mr Pierce informed how he had actually contacted us to 2 of his neighbours on Rockboro Ave in Cork to search for the cat and, with the support of one neighbour, Brendan Kerrigan, he got entry to the premises of Castle Greine House, which is right away behind Mr Kerrigan’s back garden.

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He began to search in the garden for Mouse and he walked around the one side of a big bush and decreased on his hands and knees to see if the cat remained in the bushes. Although it was dark and the foliage was thick, he believed he might some rubbish.

“I went around the other side of the bush – I had turned on the torch on my phone and the next thing I saw was a set of feet. I followed up along with my torch and as I scanned further up, it was obviously the shape of a body – I was in disbelief at what I saw,” he said.

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“I was trying to rationalize what I saw. I thought it was maybe a mannequin- the body was oriented with the feet pointing out and the rest of the body was facing in… then I saw the male genitalia. I got up and walked out as I knew I shouldn’t be there.”

Mr Pierce informed how he returned to Mr Kerrigan who decreased an action ladder over his rear garden wall for him to return into Mr Kerrigan’s house. He informed him what he believed he had actually discovered, and he sounded the gardaí, who showed up within 5 or 10 minutes.

Det Garda Brian Barron informed how he was a uniformed officer at the time and showed up on the scene with his associate Garda Mick Costello. They fulfilled Mr Pierce and Mr Kerrigan at the entryway to Castle Greine House on Boreenamanna Road, and they went into the property with them.

“Mr Pierce was visibly shaking – he said maybe it was a mannequin or a holy statue and he was apologizing in case he was after overreacting,” said Det Garda Barron, including that he stopped Mr Pierce at a side gate to the back garden and asked him to explain where he had actually seen the body.

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He and Garda Costello continued to search under the bush, and they approached it from various sides, conference at the back, and he searched in with his torch where he saw the dismembered remains of a human upper body, he informed the court.

“I could tell it was a body – it was naked except for his socks. I could the head was gone, and the left arm was gone. I couldn’t see the right arm,” said Det Garda Barron who right away withdrew and required back up as he started to maintain the scene.

Garda Mick Costello substantiated Det Garda Barron’s proof, informing how when he searched in under the bush, he saw the body of a departed male. “The body was naked save for his socks and I could see the head and the left arm had been removed,” he said.

Det Garda Padraig Harrington was among the very first gardaí on the scene. He informed how, after taking a look at the body, he contacted us to the close-by Clanmornin House run by Cork Simon. He spoke with team member, Don Bulman, who informed him that there were 2 homeowners of your home missing out on.

Mr Bulman offered him a description of the very first missing out on local, and he understood from the description that the body was not that of that man. Once he heard the description of the other missing out on local, Frankie Dunne, he speculated that it may well be his body that had actually been discovered.

Mr Bulman informed Det Garda Harrington that Mr Dunne was 5ft 6in in height and was using a three-quarter length brown duffel coat and red beret and denims which he believed he had actually left Clanmornin House around 3.30pm on the previous day, December 27th.

“Clanmornin House is a dry house – residents are not allowed to drink on the premises. Frankie Dunne suffered from alcohol addiction – he would have left the house to do his drinking. He had moved on July 19th, 2019, so he would have been behaving himself at the house for six months.”

The case continues prior to Mr Justice Paul McDermott and a jury of 4 males and 8 ladies at the Central Criminal Court sitting at Anglesea Street Courthouse in Cork and is anticipated to run for 3 weeks.

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