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Laughter as cat has hair growing out the top of his head: “unicorn”


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A video of a cat with a hair “outgrowing his head” has actually gone viral on TikTok, where it has actually gotten 2.1 million views.

The clip shared by @mauithecattt, the TikTok account of a 3-year-old Persian/tabby mixed-breed cat called Maui, reveals the animal on a safety seat, where he appears to have a hair standing out from the top of his head.

A message overlaid on the video checks out: “Guys, why does my cat have a hair outgrowing his head??!!???”

The video was published with a caption stating: “I’m weeping its so charming [emojis of a face crying floods of tears and crying/laughing] #fyp #catsoftiktok let’s bring this pattern back.”

A stock image reveals a close-up of a young Persian cat. A video of a Persian/tabby cat that appears to have a hair outgrowing his head” has actually gone viral on TikTok. iStock / Getty Images Plus
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So where did this random hair originated from?

The cat’s owner, Sarah Shewcraft, informed Newsweek: “He had a hair fall out of his cheek. I simply selected it up and plopped it onto his head. It was simply a video produced enjoyable!

“He does have 2 little bit more faint hairs outgrowing his head, however not almost as obvious as the one I put in the middle,” Shewcraft said.


Im weeping its so charming 😭🤣 #fyp #catsoftiktok lets bring this pattern back.

♬ Big Boy Speed Up – Dj Kampung

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The precise pattern and place of hairs differ according to the breed, vets Tammy Hunter and Lynn Buzhardt state in a short article for VCA, among North America’s biggest animal health center chains.

But the majority of our feline buddies have “12 hairs that are organized in 4 rows on each cheek,” they compose.

Whiskers, which are coarser and thicker than routine hair, are “tactically situated” above the eyes, on the chin, on the forelegs, near the ears and above the upper lip of cats, according to the vets.

They compose: “Whiskers are more delicate than routine hairs since the hair follicles from which they come from are packed with capillary and nerves…. So while a human’s sense of touch remains in the fingers, a cat touches the world with his face.”

The video has actually had some users on TikTok in stitches. In a remark that overcame 29,000 likes, user YourLocalIntrovert said: “He’s attempting to link to the WiFi with his antenna.”

User said: “Unicorns been available in several sizes and shapes.”

User GoomyWorm said: “He’s not a cat any longer he is a Caticorn: [unicorn and cat emojis].”

In a remark that overcame 27,000 likes, user Arlenie Spleenie composed: “That’s his believing hair.”

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