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Indoor Cat Loves Going Outside to Play in the Snow


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A lovely Ragdoll cat called Kit, who lives mostly inside, adorably scratches at the door to go outdoors and play in the snow. According to his human Ami Melanson, Kit is smitten with snow, so she takes him outside on a leash to let him enjoy it.

Kit is my 2.5year old male ragdoll, I’ve never ever understood a cat to be so consumed with snow as Kit is. He is not an outside cat, however as quickly as he sees snow he simply wishes to be outdoors playing in it.

When the weather condition is regrettable for Kit to head out, Ami brings the snow inside to Kit.

Someone had pointed out, why don’t you put snow in the tub for him? And I’m like you understand what that’s really a good concept. I questioned if he was gonna enjoy it as much and I was incorrect. He remained in there for over an hour and a half simply playing by himself.

Sometimes Kit’s brother or sister Willow takes part the bath tub snow enjoyable.

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