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How to fix error code CAT in Destiny 2


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Want to learn how to fix error code CAT in Destiny 2? With Bungie’s live service FPS game being as massive as it is, it naturally has a few, obscure under-the-hood glitches such as this that players can encounter every now and then. But, as always, we’re here to show you how you can resolve this specific bug by listing down the steps you need to take to get rid of it.

Fortunately, addressing error code CAT isn’t as difficult as learning how to fix error code WEASEL in Destiny 2 so you should have a much easier time getting back into the game. With that said, here’s what you need to do in order to get past this harmless, feline-friendly error message.

What is error code CAT in Destiny 2?

How To Fix Error Code Cat In Destiny 2
How To Fix Error Code Cat In Destiny 2 4

Error code CAT is a harmless message in Destiny 2 that simply means a new update is available for the game. This specific error code often becomes prevalent whenever there’s a significant update being rolled out, such as during the Season of the Deep release date.

However, this message can also pop up whenever the developers releases a minor patch. This means you’ll need to keep an eye out for the official Bungie Help Twitter account as they will often post announcements on maintenance periods or updates as soon as they start sending it to platforms.

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How to fix error code CAT in Destiny 2?

If you’re playing on PC, updates are automatically downloaded on both the Epic Games Store and Steam so all you’ll need to do to have it installed it is to restart your client. If you’re playing on console, however, then you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Start up the console you play Destiny 2 on.
  • Head to your system’s library, then look for and hover the Destiny 2 icon.
    • For PlayStation users, press Options and select “Check for Update.”
    • For Xbox users, select My Games and Apps on the home screen. You can then press on Manage > Updates. Finally, select Destiny 2 and you’ll be able to update it.
  • Wait for the patch to finish downloading and installing. You should be able to play the game afterwards.

If you’ve encountered a completely different issue during your playthrough, however, then we suggest checking out Bungie’s comprehensive list of in-game errors on their website. Once you’ve fixed it, we suggest reading our best Hunter build and best Titan build suggestions so you can have an easier time clearing ads.

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