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Hollywood man implicated of trapping cats, making them ‘disappear’


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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Cats are vanishing one-by-one in one location of Hollywood as next-door neighbors are fighting over the missing out on felines.

Flyers that Eda Lourdes Amador hung up all over her community inform cat owners to be careful.

“I have been posting all over the trees and the block so that people are aware, if their cat is missing to go and look at his house in the trap,” Amador informed Local 10.

Amador said she has actually rescued 2 neighborhood cats out of her next-door neighbor’s trap, however 2 other felines called Toby and Kiwi are still missing out on.

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She’s not the only one trying to find lost cats either.

“This guy needs to be stopped because he’s an evil guy. All of the cats are in danger in this neighborhood. These are community cats!” Amador said.

Amador declares her next-door neighbor a couple of doors down, David Capozzi, is trapping cats in his front lawn and she has the mobile phone video to show it.

“You’re trying to trap cats,” Amador informs Capozzi in the video.

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“I am,” he reacts. “Any cat that goes on my property, I trap it and it disappears.”

With such disconcerting words captured on cam, Local 10′s animal supporter Jacey Birch went to Capozzi’s house to talk with him about these cat trap accusations.

He rejected to Birch that he was trapping cats.

“They showed me pictures of traps and videos of you saying you’re going to dispose of them or get rid of them — so?” Birch asked.

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“OK, bye,” Capozzi said prior to closing his front door.

Other next-door neighbors besides Amador likewise went to Birch with missing out on cat stories.

“Yeah, he’s lying,” Erick Marino said. “I can tell you personally, he made my daughter cry every night so I’ll never forget that.”

Marino’s cat Chloe went missing out on for months after vanishing in September. She was home by November and Marino blames Capozzi for Chloe’s disappearance.

“He did it to our cat and I told him, ‘My cat is in your pen. I don’t care what you’re doing, just let him out,’” Marino said.

Chloe made it back home, however others have not, which is why Amador and her partner, Richard Lothian, have actually fought with Capozzi.

“Cats are free reigning animals, don’t you know that?” Lothian is heard on video informing Capozzi.

“Yeah, when they free reign on my property, they disappear. Just so you know, you’ll never see them again.”

In addition to the leaflets published, the authorities have actually been called out to the community various times, and there have actually been ask for limiting orders and likewise hazards amongst next-door neighbors.

“I went to court today to answer as a respondent to the injunction and Mr. Capozzi didn’t show up, so it was dismissed without prejudice,” Lothian said.

Half a lots Hollywood authorities and occurrence reports were taped in April and May. Code compliance notices and Broward County Animal Care correspondence plainly state authorities are aware of this continuous issue.

And the Broward County regulation is clear, also — a homeowner can humanely capture or trap an annoyance cat and bring that animal to Broward County Animal Care and Adoption.

BCAC verifies Capozzi has actually not brought any cats to the shelter.

“These poor souls have lost everything now — they have lost their homes, they’ve lost their food security, they’ve lost their care and love from their family members,” Lothian said.

Birch connected to the Hollywood animal control officer managing this case, however her calls were not returned.

Since there is no record of Capozzi dropping off any cats at the shelter, it stays uncertain what took place to the missing out on felines.

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