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Here’s the Cat Breed That Captures Each Zodiac Sign’s Personality


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There are two types of people in this world: the swooning cat lover and the one who avoids them at all costs. However, despite whether you consider yourself to be a fellow ailurophile, you’ll wanna read on to find out which cat breed resembles your zodiac sign. This is especially true for those of you entertaining the thought of raising your own fur baby someday. Remember: adopt, don’t shop!

If it isn’t totally obvious by now, I am a proud cat-mom, but I am even more proud to admit that I grew up with both indoor and outdoor kitty friends. Did you know petting a cat triggers a release of the “love hormone” in humans? Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why they make the purrfect pet. Some call it the “cuddle chemical” or the bonding hormone, but according to Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D.licensed clinical psychologist and author of The Stress-Proof Brainpetting your cat on a regular basis could help reduce stress. U.S. researchers also believe cat owners to be much less likely to experience a heart attack or a stroke. Just saying!

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you’re a meticulous Virgo who prefers to keep things tidy or an emotionally detached Aquarius who prioritizes his or her personal space. There are 40 to 70 different breeds of cats out there, which means there’s a lovable feline friend for everyone. P.S. All of these kitty facts remind me of Taylor Swift’s last interview on The Tonight Showbut I digress. with Jimmy Fallon

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Will your zodiac sign be paired with the cat you think is the cutest? Keep reading to see what cat breed you are based on your sun sign and/or rising sign:

The Cat Breed That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Bengal Cat


Born to be wild? Everything from this cat breed’s vibrant patterned coat to its large athletic build has your name on it, Aries. In fact, if you were to catch a glimpse of this cat running towards you, it could feel as if you were being hunted by a wildcat in the jungle. Sound familiar? Your zodiac archetype is, after all, depicted by the headstrong ram. Although, despite its active personality and robust demeanor, the Bengal is equally as affectionate as it is playful. Similar to your planetary ruler, Mars, they also tend to be larger than other breeds, thanks to their muscular bodies.

Persian Cat


Ooh la a! They don’t call Persian cats “doll faces” for nothing, Taurus. Similar to your ultra-posh planetary ruler, Venus, it doesn’t get fancier than this kitty breed. Everything from its long lustrous coat to its charming facial features goes hand-in-hand with your sensual persona. Although, when your Persian baby isn’t posing glamorously for your smartphone cam, it prefers to lounge and lay low. This luscious breed is generally relaxed, as they prefer to cuddle alongside their owners for a cozy night in. Patient and gentle, Persians can be as affectionate and loving as ever, if they trust you.

Abyssinian Cat


Brilliant and deeply curious, there’s something innately mercurial about the Abyssinian, Gemini. Perhaps it’s a combination of their sleek and slender build or their visually striking gaze—which can easily be mistaken for mischief—but they are often recognized for being “dog-like,” specifically when in regards to their undying desire for exploration. They’re agile and intelligent which not only make them an excellent hunter, but also a bit naughty while interacting with their favorite humans. It’s always playtime when an Abyssinian is around… and well, you’re no exception. They’re also not big on affection or lap time, but they’re still aware of your every move.

Scottish Fold Cat


Finding a kitty as adorable as you isn’t easy, but here we are, Cancer! If you look closely at this rare breed, you’ll notice that its sweet face is round, just like the moon. Although, in addition to resembling that of your mystical planetary ruler, the Scottish Fold’s large and affectionate eyes are also incredibly communicative, and attention grabbing. Talk about wearing your emotions on your sleeve… or fold? As if this weren’t enough to make your Cancerian heart swoon, they’re also as sweet and huggable as they look. Despite being low maintenance, this cat breed prefers to be in the company of their loved ones, as do you.

Ragdoll Cat


May I have your (all of your) attention please? Nothing against the rest of them, but your cat breed is kitty royalty, Leo. Similar to the warm and charismatic sun—which also happens to be your planetary ruler—the Ragdoll is equally as social as it is regal in its majestic appearance. Friendly and vocal when necessary, this kitty breed has a ton of love to give but, by that same token, they are also much more needy than other cat breeds. You’ve probably heard of fellow Ragdoll, Princess Aurora, the most royal Instagram cat, and with good reason. I mean, have you ever seen anything more glorious? That is, except for you, of course.

Maine Coon Cat


Gentle-natured and friendly within its immediate surroundings, you and the Maine Coon breed are similar in your grounded yet mercurial nature, Virgo. Their mystery runs as deep as their rich and intricate color patterns, which is why no Maine Coon are exactly alike. Something else that is notable about this cat breed is their obedience and innate devotion. How this resonates with your zodiac archetype? In addition to being resourceful and productive, you’re incredibly devoted to your craft. The Maine Coon is large in its stature, but its warmth and amicability is why many consider this breed ideal for families, and households with children. You are equally present in your day-to-day life.

Siberian Cat


There’s nothing your Venus-ruled sign loves more than love, and this cat breed is no different, Libra. Your compromising and harmony-seeking nature resembles that of the Siberian, in everything from its kitten-like personality to its hypoallergenic *perks* as its skin produces less of the chemical associated with allergens. Both you and this short-haired kitty friend prefer to be in good company, but you also never cease to bring in the sweetness. Although, in addition to the Siberian’s loving temperament, it also has an independent streak, similar to your breezy essence and ruling element, air. It’s a delicate but charming balance. Sound familiar?

Siamese Cat


To say this breed is territorial would be an understatement, but you’re no stranger to this type of behavior, Scorpio. On the contrary, similar to the remarkably intelligent Siamese, your Plutonian radar can sense the rippling undercurrents of your surroundings. And without undermining your undying love and affection, you’re not the easiest to read. You’re also quite intimidating if threatened and/or if a boundary is being crossed. Similarly, the Siamese cat’s behavior is notorious for being challenging with its owners, specifically due to feelings of jealousy and/or separation anxiety. Both you and this kitty breed are a handful indeed, but you already knew that.

Cornish Rex Cat


Your energizing and outgoing nature are some of many reasons why you stand out, and your cat breed is similar in its inexhaustible agility and enthusiasm, Sagittarius. In addition to being Jupiter-ruled, your wisdom-seeking zodiac archetype, the archer, is responsible for blessing you with prominent legs and sturdy calves. As for the Cornish Rex? Despite being a small to medium sized cat, its larger-than-life charisma explains why it can appear taller than it actually is by standing high on its legs. After all, your worldly mind and spontaneous swagger knows a thing or two about faking it ’til you make it. This reminds me of the way your cat breed came to be, as it was a result of a spontaneous mutation, born of a barn cat and an unknown sire.

Orange/Ginger American Shorthair Cat


Similar to this breed’s “working cat” origins, you pride yourself on being a successful bread-winner who can hold down the fort, Capricorn. It’s all thanks to your planetary ruler, Saturn, of course, but it gets better. Fun fact: Did you know that the American Shorthair was bred from working cats, whose job included rodent control in agricultural settings? This explains their innate hunting instincts… which in your case, speaks to your intuition around investments and business dealings. A traditional breed that became widely known in the late 1800s, your vintage aesthetic goes hand-in-hand with this cat’s history. It’s a kitty classic.

Sphynx Cat


Mr. Bigglesworth is iconic, and you’re no different, Aquarius. You may or may not remember this strange yet charming breed from the hysterical comedy trilogy, Austin Powers, but its acrobatic structure is exotic and alien-like. If the Sphynx cat had a ruling planet in astrology, it would be none other than erratic Uranus. Similarly, nothing about this cat breed is the “norm” or typical, at least when compared to its fellow felines. For instance, in addition to substituting fur for fuzzy yet hair-less suede, the Sphynx prefers to leave its poop uncovered in its litter box. Strange is right, but it comes with the turf!

British Blue Shorthair


Dreaming away your life, Pisces? Whether you consider its doe eyes or the mere fact that it sleeps 10 to 16 hours per day, everything about this cat breed resembles you and your dozy planetary ruler, Neptune. Their thick and plush fur coat is similar to that of a fluffy cloud—all it needs are the sleepy z’s surrounding it. The British Blue’s coat is also mystical and elusive by nature, thanks to a chameleon-like gene that dilutes the black pigment in its fur, giving it a blue-ish tint. Gentle in their temperament, they’re sweet and sociable with their loved ones, and fellow kitty friends. To think the both of you seem too good to be true.

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