GWM ORA Lightning Cat Presented with Focus on Security


BAODING, China, Nov. 1, 2022/ PRNewswire/– On October 31st, GWM ORA introduced a pure electrical design called Lightning Cat (for the Chinese market) in China, which was revealed at the Paris Motor Program 2022 just recently.

At the launch occasion, Dong Yudong, CEO of the ORA brand name, presented highlights of the brand-new cars and truck to the general public. He was likewise granted the CATARC (China Automotive Innovation & & Proving Ground) TOP Security “Crash Obstacle Certificate” for Lightning Cat which was provided by Zhang Jinhuan from the China Society of Automotive Engineers.

Previously, the Lightning Cat was checked by the CATARC about high-speed spiral rollover and falling. The test was taken at an authorized website of the CATARC. Prior to it started, the design’s smart assisted driving functions were all shut off. Then, it was run by a robotic to perform at 60km/h towards the spiral single-sided bridge and triggered a substantial crash that made the cars and truck roll 540 ° and fell under the pit. The optimal drop in the test was over 6 meters.

After the test, the resident compartment of the design stayed well and offered enough living area for travelers to endure a mishap. The structure inside the battery pack is undamaged and no electrolyte leak or spontaneous combustion was observed after 24 hr delegated stand.

ORA Lightning Cat embraces a cage-like cars and truck structure. Its body is made from high-strength steel. The innovative hot-stamped steel with an optimal strength of 2,000 MPa was embraced for the design’s A/B pillars. All these can make sure the security of the lorry and residents in case of a crash.

The Stress-free Battery of the design likewise passed 4 unique CATARC security tests for batteries under severe conditions. There was no fire or surge triggered by pin-prick, fire, and other tests.

Different smart functions of driving help, which were shut off in the test, are likewise highlights of the ORA LightningCat It is geared up with ORA-PILOT 3.0 smart driving help system, which can wisely recognize automobiles, pedestrians, bikes, and others through its cams and radars. In case of a risky range from the barriers, the system can immediately make an alarm and take emergency situation procedures to lower the threat.

The style of its outside, power system, and other appealing functions were likewise shown at the launch occasion. With a very structured visual style, the design boasts an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.22 Cd. It is geared up with an adaptive electrical rear spoiler, which immediately unfolds when the speed is above 70km/h to rapidly separate the rear air flow. ORA Lightning Cat is offered in different variations on the Chinese market, consisting of one with double electrical motors and a four-wheel-drive system, which provides an optimal power of 300kW and an optimum torque of 680N • m.

GWM ORA is anticipated to bring more top quality pure electrical designs to international users, and supply a cleaner, more secure, and smarter take a trip experiences.

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