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from A Feline at the End of the World– The Brooklyn Rail


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It’s tough to discover historic fiction that properly records the worldview and state of mind of individuals illustrated– and exceptionally unusual to come across characters whose lives and ideas feel extensive, instead of subtractive, in the remote past. Croatian author Robert Peri ić’s newest book, A Feline at the End of the World, transfers the reader to ancient Syracuse, and after that to a colonial station in the Adriatic. The lead character Kalia, servant to a rich household and item of torture by the scion Pigras, is accompanied by a feline called Miu and revealed the very first twinkle of care by a female called Menda. In this excerpt, Peri ić demonstrates how a feline’s ungovernability can reverse a hierarchy.


” What can you do, he was born to be a master,” stated Menda, consoling Kalia when Pigras had actually been nasty to him. “That’s what the gods desired,” she would include, so that Kalia would accept it.

And maybe due to the fact that he ‘d accepted it, he discovered it much easier to take, it felt normal.

Menda had actually stated all this, nevertheless, due to the fact that she believed Kalia would suffer if she had actually informed him otherwise. Menda was born totally free, and she was preparing to inform Kalia extremely various things one day about all of it, however she understood in the meantime that this was the very best method.

Then Kalia saw that the gods weren’t assisting Pigras at all when it concerned Miu accepting him as her master, or perhaps as her pal. Kalia had at very first felt unpleasant for Pigras so that he carefully scolded Miu and handed her over to Pigras, however she would simply wiggle out and return to Kalia. It wasn’t due to the fact that he hesitated of Pigras’s ire. He was stressed for Miu and there was a complicated worry in him about what all of it implied.

He saw that Miu broke whatever he had actually ever been informed: that Pigras was born to be a master. He saw Miu stroll all over it. And stroll all over it calmly. It now appeared that Pigras wasn’t really born to be a master at all.

Kalia informed as much to Menda and she snapped; she stated that Pigras was born to be a master, that the gods had actually desired it which one should not either concern it or consider it. Pigras had, in the meantime– due to the fact that he ‘d been informed in the other rich families that it was the only method with felines– attempted to win over Miu and be great to her. He was attempting to please her, rubbed her, and took her scratches, which he would not have actually done had he not had a fantastic desire to win her over from Kalia and show something to himself. The truth that Miu beinged in Kalia’s lap and licked his ears, while she dealt with Pigras as if he were a no one, drove Pigras into a tearful rage. Some may state that she dealt with Pigras like garbage, however this wasn’t real because Miu was a lot more thinking about garbage than in Pigras.

Pigras had, nevertheless, chose to be great to Miu, so he took all his rage out on Kalia, whom he ‘d press into the mud, or strike “inadvertently,” as if it had been a joke, and Kalia wasn’t permitted to frown due to the fact that then Pigras would state, “What’s that frown for?” Kalia waited on Miu to stop pertaining to him and accept Pigras as her master. That would be best, he believed, due to the fact that he saw that Pigras would rather toss out the animal than let her be Kalia’s feline.

He concerned things near to him as if they were at a range, specifically an approaching Pigras. Not due to the fact that Pigras would strike him, however due to the fact that it had actually been much easier to endure him previously, when he had actually thought Pigras was born to be a master. He might see now that this wasn’t the case. Whatever Menda stated, the reality appeared to see.

Menda enjoyed Kalia, stressed– he appeared uninhabited. Still, when Miu delved into his lap, a smile would appear on his face.

Things spiraled after that. Pigras was becoming worse, and Menda took Kalia into the cooking area, stating she required assistance, and closed the door so, she stated, the feline would not can be found in, having actually brought him misfortune.

Once again, Kalia believed he didn’t comprehend words effectively. Such as excellent and misfortune. Miu’s existence had actually induced a number of Pigras’s punches. However he felt various. He utilized to believe that he was even worse than Pigras, however Miu offered him a various sensation which sensation now lived inside him, puzzled, like excellent and misfortune.

She would often drop off to sleep on top of him, as if that sleep represented the happiness of trust.

That’s why he asked Menda why she ‘d stated that aspect of the donkey. He kept in mind. Why did she state there was no usage from being liked by a donkey, however that she was still delighted for it? And why did she inform him about the turtle? Menda waved her hand, as if she was sorry she ‘d stated anything in the very first location. No, she never ever must have informed him that ineffective things might be excellent. That is how masters might manage to consider high-end, however not servants.


Pigras just handled to entice Miu to the master’s part of your home by using her food– and this part of your home was larger and brighter. However then she would run back into the cooking area and the dark shed where Kalia slept. The truth that Pigras was simply enduring her so he might re-train her, and finest Kalia, she appeared able to ferret out.

Pigras didn’t comprehend how such an animal may be re-trained. He asked around in other homes, however nobody understood. There was no other way to train them, they stated, due to the fact that if somebody troubles her, penalizes or strikes her, she does not like that individual and prevents them, that’s all. You needed to be great to her and await her to heat up to you.

Pigras waited, offered her meat and fish, she didn’t decline, would consume all of it up, linger to see if more was coming, and after that she ‘d delegate discover Kalia and lie prior to his feet, browsing as if slackly examining that the world was still in best order.

” This animal has no appreciation at all,” Pigras grumbled to Menda, who nodded. “What does she believe? I believe she believes I am her servant!”

Kalia enjoyed this and saw that Menda practically chuckled.

Then he believed maybe she simulated Miu a bit.

” However how might she believe that, young master,” Menda stated. “She does not believe. It’s a foolish animal.”

” Really silly.”

” Could not be more silly if she attempted. I didn’t even understand there were such silly animals.”

” Me either,” Pigras stated.

” I do not believe you ought to trouble with her any longer.”

Menda believed Pigras may quit, that’s how tired he looked.

” However she believes I’m her servant!” Pigras screamed.

He put his head in his hands. Menda hesitated that he ‘d strike Kalia once again, maybe even Kalia and Miu both, however it appeared he was invested. He was more powerful, however he could not win.

” Young master, are you in discomfort?” Menda asked him, stressed. She waved at Kalia to transfer to the cooking area.

” I dislike that animal,” stated Pigras. “I have actually disliked it from the very first day.”

” Oh, disregard it, she does not should have …”

” I can’t, I can’t disregard it,” stated Pigras. His breathing was rough, as if he were breathing in rage and breathing out torment.

Menda offered him some water. She rubbed his head. Pigras muffled the ground, unwinded, and fell on his back. He raised his knees and stomped on the ground, yelping with discomfort. Zenobia showed up rapidly.

” What’s the matter with him?” she screamed.

” I do not understand, honorable girlfriend, maybe he’s been stung by a wasp?”

” It should have been some animal,” Zenobia stated. “I understand which one too. He sobs due to the fact that of all of it the time.”

” Oh, truly?” asked Menda.

” He loves it.”

” Is that possible?”

” It’s possible. My kid is passing away within, I can see it,” stated Zenobia seriously.

Menda wished to inform Zenobia that he didn’t like the feline. She was rather sure of it. And she saw that the feline understood. She herself pretended not to like Miu, however Miu still walked around her feet. She appeared to understand that Menda liked her a bit. She wished to inform Zenobia that he disliked the feline, that he just wished to own it; she wished to inform her that the feline understood this. However it was not smart to oppose her at that minute. She enjoyed the wailing Pigras as his body twisted in discomfort, his mom welcoming him. He was stomping his feet and raising up dust, as if he were a bit insane.

” This is terrible,” Zenobia stated. “What type of a curse is this?”

” I will make him a soothing organic tea,” Menda stated.

The following day, after Pigras had actually been rolling around on the flooring in discomfort, Menda had a great deal of operate in the cooking area due to the fact that there was an event. She likewise had a head filled with ideas, What will occur to Kalia if Pigras continues with his insanity?

She had actually invested the entire night believing how she may inform Zenobia that Pigras was not all right. Even if he is a master– she might state– not whatever in his life is going to end up as he desired. That’s not how life works. The kid had actually not discovered to lose and was unprepared effectively. He might develop into among those madmen who goes bananas due to the fact that they’re not winning and end up being pitiful. However nobody pities them. It would not be simple to state this to Zenobia. She ‘d need to state it sideways, so that absolutely nothing was clear, and Zenobia would definitely fly into a rage anyhow. Perhaps she might state something to Sabas, maybe the following day, after the event. Since it was for Pigras’s own excellent. The kid will not find out to be a winner and a leader in this manner, which is what they have actually prepared.


If Sabas would hear her out, she believed, maybe this thing with Miu may get solved too.

She got Kalia out of the method by calling him to peel the veggies. When Pigras looked inside the cooking area in the late early morning, he looked completely great. She stated, “I see you’re much better, young master. You’re not in discomfort?”

” No, not,” stated Pigras, looking jolly.

” You remained in a great deal of discomfort the other day?”

” It was my tooth,” stated Pigras.

” The main point is that it does not harm today.”

In the future, Miu wasn’t in the backyard, and when Kalia began trying to find her, Pigras strolled after him for a while, as if he was trying to find her too. Kalia felt, nevertheless, that Pigras wasn’t trying to find her, however was buffooning his search. He asked, “Do you understand where she is?”

Pigras chuckled, as if this was what he had actually been waiting on. “I connected her up. I was too great to her.”

Kalia stopped.

” What are you taking a look at me for? She’s mine.”

Kalia avoided his eyes. He looked down at his event shoes, which had actually when come from Pigras.

Pigras included, “You’re all mine. From now on, she will be on a leash.”

He strolled off victoriously.

Kalia muffled the largely jam-packed ground outside the cooking area. The sun shone on him, however he was looking directly ahead, as if he remained in darkness.

Menda came out. “Begin, do not be so unfortunate. It’s just an animal.”

” And us?”

” Do not speak like that, begun, get up!” Menda raised him up onto his feet and returned to operate in the cooking area. She was preparing more food due to the fact that of the event.

Kalia walked the backyard in circles. The truth that there was absolutely nothing that was his was not brand-new, however he still felt that whatever had actually been drawn from him. It appeared that whatever he might see had actually currently been drawn from him which he was far from whatever. Farther than ever, as if he were going into a space. He didn’t understand what to do with that sensation, so he walked in circles, in an odd method, like somebody who may shut himself up inside these circles. He duplicated words in his head and separated them into syllables. It was a warm day, and periodic noises of event might be spoken with the city due to the fact that the Syracusans were inviting the victors, liberators of some city whose name Kalia could not keep in mind, and Sabas and Zenobia had actually gone to town to welcome the victors, ceremoniously stunning and upright. They need to have been extremely pleased due to the fact that Sabas offered Kalia a small smile in passing, barely noticeable, blurred like some thing out of a dream that you rapidly forget, which’s how Kalia felt, as if he remained in a dream where you walk in circles, and the important things around you move even much faster.

Right after, Pigras showed up once again. “She scratched me and bit me once again, look!” He revealed the scratches on his arm. He grumbled, as if Kalia was expected to console him and likewise take duty for it. “You will penalize her!”

Kalia enjoyed him as if somebody who had actually been stirred from a dream. Pigras’s words separated into single letters. The image of Miu scratching Pigras and withstanding him brought him back to truth.

” We’ll do things in a different way now,” stated Pigras.

He got Kalia by the tunic and dragged him. Kalia felt that Pigras had actually thought about something bad, however he gave up to strolling. Pigras took him upstairs, to the stunning part of your home, where Miu crouched in a corner, tense. When she saw Kalia, she meowed in a jerking tune, as if she were positioning a concern. Pigras informed Kalia to wait and entered into the next space. Miu’s duplicated meow now seemed like a concern with a wail at the end. She does not comprehend why I am not setting her totally free, recognized Kalia, and he rubbed her back, which shocked her, and after that she looked him directly in the eyes as if to see if he was still her pal. Kalia was now totally present in the minute, his heart pounding in his ears.

Pigras returned with a set of iron scissors and stated, “Cut her claws!”

Kalia took a look at him, shocked with worry. He took a look at the big scissors. Even if he understood how to do it, he ‘d harm her with those scissors.

Kalia expanded his arms in marvel, as if in prayer, and faltered, “I, I.”

I can’t, he wished to state. Maybe he had stated it calmly. “You can’t?” Pigras stated.

Kalia was capturing his breath and nodding his head limply.

” I can, do you desire me to do it?” Pigras asked as if he was playing.

Kalia stated absolutely nothing, was waiting on something, a wonder. Pigras continued. “However why should I, when I have you?

Why should she dislike me? I have actually been so silly. I am her master and she requires to like me. She requires to dislike you!” Kalia enjoyed him. There was drumming in his ears.

” That’s why I have you,” stated Pigras.

Kalia now believed he comprehended all of it. The walking the yard, deep space into which he had actually been sinking, the truth that absolutely nothing was his.

” States who?” Kalia asked, seeing the huge scissors and after that Miu on the flooring.

” My mom informed me,” stated Pigras, who was not scared of Kalia at all and didn’t need to conceal anything from him. “We are excellent. And we do not need to do bad things. That’s what our servants are for.” It appeared for a minute that he was talking to Zenobia’s voice. Then he stated, “Take the scissors!” He put the iron scissors into Kalia’s limp hands and he now held them in front of Miu.

” These are huge scissors,” stated Kalia. “These are huge scissors, huge scissors, huge …”

” Stop duplicating and cut!” Pigras screamed.

Kalia saw that it was all over, whatever Menda had actually informed him was over, it was over with your home; Pigras was stating something else, Kalia could not acknowledge the words, simply his tone; as he moved the scissors from one hand to the other, it appeared that the wind was groaning in his ears. And when the scissors dropped in his left hand, he utilized his ideal fist to punch Pigras in the nose with all his might, heard the punch, then seen with surprise as Pigras fell due to the fact that he could not exercise when precisely he had actually chosen to strike him. He saw Pigras’s nose bleeding as he, searching for as if blind, attempted to crawl far from Kalia. He then turned his palms up as if to safeguard himself from the next blow.

Kalia stood there for a minute, then crouched, took Miu, cut the leash, put the scissors into his pocket, pushed Miu to his chest. He took a look at Pigras crawling.

The wind blew through the windows, down the stairs. Through the backyard.

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