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FIA secure down on ‘cat-and-mouse’ video games with DRS modification


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Sam Hall

The FIA has actually validated a modification to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit that ought to end the hazardous cat-and-mouse DRS shenanigans of current years.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix location includes a few of the greatest speeds of the year as drivers browse in between the unforgiving walls that will penalize even the tiniest error.

Safety is constantly at the top of the FIA’s top priority list with every occurrence examined to see where possible enhancements can be made.

In this regard, the governing body has actually not taken kindly to the shenanigans of the previous 2 years including Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabian DRS issue

The issue particularly associates with the last DRS detection point on the circuit that was formerly placed right before the braking zone for the last barrette.

Leading onto the primary straight formerly brought the considerable danger that the car following at the detection zone would have a reasonably easy surpassing chance when braking into the tight left-hander that follows the long primary straight.

When fighting for the lead in 2021, Verstappen broke to enable Hamilton through at this moment on the circuit and the set made contact.

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Last year, the Dutchman tried this technique once again, with Leclerc getting associated with the action.


The option

In order to avoid the exact same scenario from taking place for a 3rd successive getaway, the FIA has actually now chosen to move the DRS detection zone to a point 170m beyond the corner exit.

This indicates there is absolutely nothing to be gotten by playing cat-and-mouse and the problem – one that was relatively special to Saudi Arabia – need to be negated.

Commenting after Verstappen’s success in in 2015’s race, Horner said: “The DRS is so effective, you might see there was a video game of cat-and-mouse going on in between the drivers where they would in fact brake to a point where they sped up into the corner.”

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The activation point for the system stays the exact same, as do the places and activation points for the other 2 DRS zones on the track.

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