Feline needs leg amputation after ending up being newest feline to fall from Aberdeen tower block

cat falls
the 2-year-old male feline required a leg amputation after the event. Image: Scottish SPCA/

A 4th feline has actually been discovered hurt after falling from a block of flats in Aberdeen.

The event is simply the current of 4 where felines are believed to have actually fallen from the very same block of flats in Regent Court in Aberdeen.

Scottish SPCA rescue officers looked out to the event on Friday, October 28, by a member of the general public by means of their helpline.

They had actually discovered the 2-year-old male feline resting on the ground outside the block of flats, unresponsive and throwing up.

Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer, Aimee Findlay, stated, “I got here to discover the male feline huddled in a stack of leaves. He is 2 years of ages, grey and a Scottish fold.

Regent Court tower block in Aberdeen. Image: Google Maps.

‘ Exceptionally worried for the well-being of other animals.’

” He was unresponsive when I approached and I was shocked to discover him lying there exposed to the strong winds.

” I took him to the veterinarians where they discovered his front leg to be entirely broken and twisted.

” Regrettably, the leg needed to be cut off due to the degree of the injuries he had actually sustained.

Ms Findlay states that the animal well-being charity has actually been warned of a number of comparable occurrences at the very same block of flats, with some felines passing away from their injuries.

The group at the Scottish SPCA are “very worried for the well-being of other animals” and are interesting the general public for details.

They ask anybody who identifies the hurt animal or knows concerning the occurrences at Regent Court to call their private helpline on 03000 999 999.


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[Cat requires leg amputation after becoming latest feline to fall from Aberdeen tower block]




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