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Distressing video reveals man captured on CCTV eliminating cat at school


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Shocking video reveals a man captured on CCTV savagely eliminating a family cat in a school parking area. Tomasz Zimny, 40, assaulted 12-year-old feline Millie – swinging her over his shoulder and knocking her onto the flooring.

He returned minutes later on to kick the cat once again prior to he repelled. Millie dragged herself under some neighboring pallets where she passed away on March 17, 2022.

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He was handed a life time restriction on keeping cats and offered an 18 week suspended jail sentence at Cheltenham Magistrates Court. RSPCA inspector Richard Carr said: “The video footage demonstrates how he is almost in between the pallets when he captures her, and from behind he gets either a rear leg or tail and swings her up over his shoulder, prior to swinging her pull back with terrific force and knocking her onto the flooring.

“It is clear she is hurt and not able to move however is still alive. He takes some actions away – however returns and after that appears to kick her whilst she would already be in discomfort. She can be seen to move a couple of more times however then is stationary for a couple of seconds prior to dragging herself under the pallets.”

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The occurrence occurred in the Cleeve School sports complex parking area, where Zimny had actually gone to gather his then sweetheart. He had let their 2 dogs out of the car – who went after Millie and were followed by Zimny, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

The occurrence had actually been partially seen by a witness who visited examine the cat and might see her lying half out of below the pallets and equipment. She was still and did stagnate when he touched her, so he hurried her to a veterinarian.

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Millie’s family were traced through her microchip and were notified the next day of her death. It was thought at the time to have actually been as an outcome of a dog attack.

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