Crucial: Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you pet your cat


Twitter account Can You Pet The Dog? (opens in brand-new tab) has actually ended up being so effective, it’s now basically a video gaming pureness test: if a video game has a dog, you much better have the ability to animal it, otherwise It’s influenced pat-providing updates, (opens in brand-new tab) mods (opens in brand-new tab), and a rise in brand-new video games making certain that you might put a virtual hand on a virtual snout to make a virtual puppy delighted. It’s a serious oppression that there isn’t a similarly popular account committed to sharing the cat love. If there was, possibly we would not need to be the ones asking: why does not Cyberpunk 2077 enable you to pet your cat?

It’s taken a couple years, however a really crucial mod by a developer called deceptious on NexusMods (opens in brand-new tab) now enables V, Cyberpunk 2077’s playable character, to animal their cat Nibbles in the house. Now that’s purrty cool. CD Projekt Red has actually launched spot after spot for Cyberpunk 2077 considering that its infamously bad launch back in 2020, however it’s a sin that having the ability to animal Nibbles wasn’t among them– though I’ll provide partial credit for letting me take images of Nibbles with spot 1.6 (opens in brand-new tab)

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