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Cat slapping golden retriever on stairs thrills web: “Total brother or sisters”


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A set of golden brother or sisters, a cat and a dog called Waffles and Maples, have actually left the web in stitches after a video of their “shenanigans” on the stairs went viral on social networks.

The clip was shared on TikTok on Thursday by the family pet’s owner, under the username Thegoldenbreakfastclub, and has actually received over 530,000 views. Maple can be seen sitting at the top of the stairs, attempting to get downstairs, as Waffles avoids him from making his method, slapping him consistently.

The humorous post, including the 7-year-old polydactyl cat and the 2-year-old golden retriever, includes a caption that checks out: “Stair shenanigans.”

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Stock picture of a cat and a dog sitting at a table, taking a look at each other. A video of a 7-year-old polydactyl cat and a 2-year-old golden retriever battling on top of the stairs has actually left the web in stitches.Getty Images

A research study performed by Italian researchers, released in the journal PLoS ONEthat questioned over 1,270 family pet owners who own both a cat and a dog. The findings showed that the 2 can quickly cohabitate without much dispute.

Over 64 percent of the cats and dogs cohabiting likewise played together; 58 percent went after each other; and 41 percent battled. Almost two-thirds of the animals in some cases playfully “assailed” the other.

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Moreover, cats are most likely to overlook dogs than vice versa, with 42 percent of cats neglecting dogs, and just 28 percent of dogs avoiding cats. Cats are most likely to attack dogs than vice versa.


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♬ initial noise – Waffles and Maple

One user, Karenceriello, commented: “That sweet dog can’t think of the cat not liking him!” And Faux DaPoint composed: “Lol, initially I resembled… Hey leave the dog alone, then I resembled, hi leave the cat alone…” VEEAAH included: “They are overall brother or sisters.”

Erikamethyst composed: “God I like cats.” And BrittyBear commented: “The aims to mum and daddy.” Jasmine Shamer included: “The cat resemble “YOU REMAIN!! YOU SIT! I GO FIRST!” doggo resemble ‘let’s go already!!”

Closeclosebink composed: “I would pass away chuckling if doggy pressed cat down the stairs.” And mommaackerson published: “Why is the staircase constantly the very best location to fight when you’re a cat???” User morganjohn32 included: “What a cattitude..”

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Another user, yzma1587, commented: “I pitied the dog however then I understood he might have passed sometimes… ” And Gem composed: “The method the dog believes it’s a video game.”

Newsweek connected to Thegoldenbreakfastclub by means of TikTok messages. We might not confirm the information of the case.

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