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Cat present next-generation little wheel loaders


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New makers include sophisticated innovations to streamline operation, enhance safety and increase success

THE ingenious next-generation Cat 926, 930 and 938 wheel loaders provide a variety of brand-new innovations and functions created to enhance performance by streamlining device operation. Adding versatility by style, the flexible Cat little wheel loaders provide industry-specific setups to effectively deal with a variety of applications, consisting of aggregates. Customized designs can be geared up direct from the factory or through aftermarket upgrade packages set up by a Cat dealership.

Delivering effective power, the Cat special adaptive engine rev/min function immediately changes engine speed based upon operator input to enhance performance and lessen fuel burn. Systems are enhanced and sized to perform at basic lower engine rev/min for these next-generation little wheel loaders. The efficient and effective 1,200–1,500 rev/min working variety makes the loaders more fuel effective, while bigger pumps perform at slower speeds for less wear and longer life span.

An market initially, these brand-new wheel loaders include 4 personalized powertrain running modes: Utility, Torque, Hystat and Ice. Designed for hydromechanical tool usage or pick-and-place deal with carry out power and speed, Utility vehicle mode provides great ground speed control with engine rev/min throttle lock, whilst Torque mode conserves as much as 5% on fuel by ‘freewheeling’ around corners and on downhills. Hystat mode offers engine braking with aggressive deceleration, velocity and no travel up until the throttle is used, whilst Ice mode provides soft directional shifts and extended coast-out for enhanced control in snow-clearing applications.

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New auto-wheel torque control lets the device do the work by immediately managing torque to the wheels and changing rimpull control to lower tire spin. Improving traction on challenging surface, the brand-new loaders include basic front axle differential lock with optional restricted rear slip differential. On the 926 and 930 loaders, the differential lock is just managed on-the-go by the operator with the joystick. The brand-new 938 loader comes as basic with automated differential lock, in addition to handbook control.

Cat Payload comes requirement on these brand-new wheel loaders with a 250h demonstration mode to test prior to subscribing. Payload offers on-the-go weighing to help operators struck specific targets to prevent overloading, underloading or misloading products.

Simple in-cab pushbutton kickout settings for upper, lower and tilt permit operators to match container position to the task, assisting to take full advantage of container cutting edge life. Conveniently managed by a joystick button, a brand-new container shake function offers exact metering of products in batching or spreading out applications and cleans up the container.

Incorporating vehicle design and features, the brand-new next-generation taxi raises operator convenience and enhances exposure to increase safety. Smaller taxi pillars, increased window location, heated and electrical rear-view mirrors with lower parabolic, and basic rear-view video camera integrate to enhance operator exposure around the device. New alternatives consist of a multi-view video camera providing a bird’s-eye view around the loader, and rear things detection with visual and audible alarms offers extra signals to the back of the device.

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New auto-temperature control with defrost button offers constant operating convenience in a variety of ambient temperature levels. Auto-lighting with daytime running lights easily brightens the device’s lights when the sun decreases. An optional beacon installed atop the taxi offers a visual alert when the operator is not inside the taxi or using the seat belt to enhance safety.

The next-generation little wheel loaders broaden Cat Command for Loading to the worldwide market. Advancing safety and performance, Command for Loading provides push-button control of the loader to get rid of the operator from dangerous conditions. New for this design series, the command console provides effective line-of-sight device operation through the console’s ergonomic control design of loader functions. The command station places the operator in a virtual taxi with familiar controls and device display screens for remote, non-line-of-sight loader control. Elevating effectiveness and performance, one operator can manage several makers, one at a time, at various websites from a single command station.

The personalized in-cab screen provides a simple view of running criteria. Using Operator Profiles, as much as 50 various operating profiles can be set through the screen, which the loader can remember when an operator begins the device. The brand-new loaders now include 2 guiding alternatives – brand-new force feedback joystick guide control and a low-effort wheel – to even more personalize device setup. New joystick steering permits the loaders to take a trip at speeds reaching 25 miles/h (40 km/h) as an outcome of the force feedback function that stiffens at greater speeds and softens as speed declines.

Additionally, the brand-new loaders provide the alternative of joystick or single-axis levers, and both featured a variety of programmable alternatives to satisfy operator choice. Included with joystick controls, the flexible jog dial provides fast, on-the-go speed, throttle lock, auxiliary hydraulic circulation, and wheel torque changes in addition to screen navigation and creep speed control.

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With basic parallelism, the enhanced Z-bar linkage digs like a Z-bar however imitates a tool provider, increasing adaptability and exposure. The style offers coupler and high-lift alternatives for all brand-new designs. The trademarked positive-pressure combination coupler user interface gets rid of wear and takes full advantage of efficiency with lowered work tool balanced out. A complete series of work tools for the brand-new loaders consists of enhanced forks with mechanical parallel lift and efficiency series containers including an aggressive rack angle for load retention and a 10% increase in fill elements.

The brand-new device style enhances exposure to the executes. An aggressive rack angle manages complete cutting-edge and exceptional container corner exposure, whilst exceptional fork idea exposure at ground level and complete height permits the operator to with confidence fill and discharge products, while an optional cranked branch even more improves forward exposure.

Engine oil and filters and fuel filter service periods increase to 1,000h for the next-generation little wheel loaders. Over 10,000 operating hours, this conserves 45% in engine oil, 67% in fuel filters, and 45% on air filters, considerably reducing service expenses and enhancing loader uptime. Full return purification on the Hystat, carry out and guiding systems keeps the hydraulic oil cleaner and enhances system dependability.

All everyday service products are now within simple reach, and the brand-new cabin filter is serviced from ground level, reducing service time and enhancing safety. Optional incorporated autolube with adjustable grease frequency assists to take full advantage of part life and lessen expenses through appropriate greasing of hinge points, whilst available tire pressure and temperature level tracking with adjustable safety limitations help to extend tyre life and lessen expenses.

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