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Cat cultivating is really gratifying – why not attempt it?


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“I had my three boys – William, Henry and Ralphie – who has since sadly died,” she says. “Yorkshire Cat Rescue was looking for somewhere ideally with no other cats, but my house has four floors, so I said I could keep them separate.”

Jodi was completely matched to cultivating Kammy and his bro Polo, who struggled with a long-lasting health condition.

“One of my cats, Lucy had suffered from the same condition – hyperthyroidism – so I knew all about it and knew how to care for him.”

Hyperthyroidism in cats is a condition in which the thyroid glands in the neck establish unusual tissue and produce excessive thyroid hormonal agent, triggering physical functions to accelerate.

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Kammy and Polo has actually come to Yorkshire Cat Rescue in Cross Roads, Keighley, after a relative from their previous home might no longer take care of them due to allergic reaction.

“I had no idea what they looked like before they arrived,” says Jodi. “I took them into their room and opened the cat boxes. Kammy was stunning with long, thick fur. Polo could not have looked more different. Because he was ill he had clearly not been grooming himself and his fur had become matted. He had been shaved and looked like a little gremlin, but was the cutest thing I had ever seen. He bonded with me immediately.”

Polo needed to be shaved as his fur had actually ended up being matted

Polo quickly settled in

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Jodi, of Holmfirth, who runs a doggie daycare centre and likewise takes care of cats when individuals are on vacation, understood that Polo would require more attention due to his health problem.

“I have a lot of experience of all types of animals, so know what to do, and you are massively supported by the cat rescue,” she says. “They are super – I cannot fault them. They supply you with everything – they provided so much food and litter when the cats arrived and they provide all the treatment and medication if needed. There were a couple of vets visits I couldn’t go to, so they came and collected the cats and took them to their appointments.”

Over time, Polo’s fur grew back. “He looked amazing. They are such beautiful cats – I think they are Siberian forest cats.”

Kammy in among his preferred areas

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Kammy relaxing on the cat scratcher

Kammy and Polo mored than happy to be around Jodi’s other cats. “They were real characters. Polo was very possessive of me and he would chase William. Kammy used to sleep around my partner Lee’s neck. They were lovely.”

After 6 months, Jodi wished to keep Kammy and Polo, however a brand-new owner had actually stepped forward and was a good match for the set.



“The hardest thing is that you wish to keep them, however I mored than happy that they were going to a good owner.

“I made him a book telling him all about them and we keep in touch. I really enjoyed fostering, it is very rewarding. I would definitely do it again.”

*If you have an interest in cultivating a cat please contact; Tel: 01535 647184. Phone lines are open every day from 1pm to 4pm, other than Wednesday.

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