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“Can you spot her?”: Cat hilariously hides during vet visit


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When Autumn the cat had to go to a new vet clinic, she took matters into her own paws and quickly found somewhere to hide.

Autumn’s owner, Destiny Cover from Arizona, delighted the internet when she shared a picture of her 5-year-old feline’s hiding space.

Shared on Reddit’s r/aww subreddit, Cover asked: “Can you spot her?” alongside the picture that at first glance looks like it contains no cat. On closer inspection a pair of paws are just visible in a space below a drawer.

“This was not her first time at the vet, but the first time at this vet,” Cover told Newsweek. “She doesn’t usually hide at the vet but she likes covered spaces…I can often find her in a box or sleeping under my wedding dress.”

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Spot The Cat At Vets
Autumn the cat took matters into her own paws at the vet’s and quickly found the perfect hiding spot.

Autumn is definitely not the first cat to be afraid of a trip to the vet, and cat’s reactions to a vet clinic visit are often far from relaxed.

Cats are territorial animals that are very attached to their home, so being taken out of their space and into a new environment is often stressful.

From being put into the carrier, driven in a noisy car, taken into the reception area with new smells and other pets and having an unfamiliar person examine them—it is no surprise they feel uneasy.

There are lots of ways to try and make your cat’s vet trip as calm as possible. Consider scheduling the appointment for a quieter time of day, and be sure to remain calm yourself. Reassuring your cat by talking to them and patting them can help them to feel better despite the unfamiliar environment.

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Autumn’s adorable hiding place delighted Reddit users who rushed to share their reactions to the picture.

Autumn The Cat
Autumn sits posing for the camera. The 5-year-old cat has delighted the internet with her vet clinic hiding spot.

“Time to play find the kitty,” said one commenter. Others shared how their cats often play hide-and-seek at the vet’s office too.

“Mine hides in the sink of the examining room,” said one Redditor. Another wrote: “When I stand next to the exam table, my cat finds my arm/armpit area and hides her head there.”

Others agreed that Autumn’s hiding spot was actually quite brilliant.

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“Am not here. Am purr-inter,” joked one commenter. Another said: “I see no cat here. Just some imaging equipment on a shelf, feetsies included.”

Once spotted, Autumn came out for her exam with no fuss at all: “I was able to go up to her and she came right out for me—no struggle,” Cover said.

“I posted it on Reddit because I thought it was cute and hilarious that you could only see her little paws,” Cover added. “I thought others would find it amusing.”

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