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Arms Manufacturer Says TikTok ‘Cat Videos’ Are Keeping It From Making Ammo


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The Norwegian defense business Nammo said it can’t broaden its factory and make brand-new ammo since TikTok’s brand-new information centers close by are consuming all the electrical energy. 

As reported by the Financial Times,  Nammo is a big defense business that’s co-owned by the Norwegian federal government and a defense business in Finland. The war in Ukraine has actually surged need for ammo and Nammo is seeking to broaden, however it says it can’t because of a brand-new next-door neighbor: “We are concerned because we see our future growth is challenged by the storage of cat videos,” Nammo’s president, Morten Brandtzæg, informed the Financial Times

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Kyiv is shooting ammo, particularly weapons shells, faster than NATO can produce it. Russia is likewise lacking ammo and, according to the Pentagon, is breaking out old and unsteady reserves. According to Brandtzæg, weapons shell need is 15 times greater than typical and Europe requires to spend more than $2 billion to maintain. 

In this case, Nammo is blaming the outdated and reductive concept that TikTok (or any web video platform) is comprised mostly by cat videos. The regional energy business verified, nevertheless, that it couldn’t stay up to date with need and had actually assured its electrical energy to TikTok.

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TikTok is building 3 information centers in Norway with an alternative to build 2 more by 2025. Panic around TikTok, which is owned by a Chinese business, has actually reached a fever pitch in the U.S. and Europe. On Friday, France ended up being the latest nation to ban TikTok on federal government gadgets. Norway passed a similar ban on Thursday. The U.S. is thinking about an across the country restriction.

The panic is sustained by some genuine issues about TikTok’s information personal privacy and its connections to the Chinese Communist Party. But TikTok’s information personal privacy is no much better or even worse than numerous Western business like Facebook and Google, which consistently gather and offer the information of its users.

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There is a growing fear in the west about China, one Brandtzæg betrayed when the Financial Times asked him if he believed TikTok’s information centers stopping the production of ammunition in Europe was a pure coincidence. “I will not rule out that it’s not by pure coincidence that this activity is close to a defense company. I can’t rule it out,” he said.

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