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22 Stunning Facts About Kittens – Catster


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Kittens make us smile and chuckle. They make us say, “Awww!” But these infants have distinct wants and attributes. If you thought you knew kittens, you will have to assume once more! We’ll information you thru 22 wonderful kitten details that will help you give them their greatest life.

The 22 Kitten Facts

1. Kittens are fragile.

Two gray kittens with their eyes closed.
Newborns kittens are utterly depending on their moms — otherwise you. Photography © Ztranger | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Newborn kittens are utterly helpless and completely depending on their moms for nourishment, heat and elimination. If they’re orphaned, they want 24/7 care from a form human.

They want to remain heat and eat each couple of hours across the clock. They even need assistance pottying. From beginning to about 5 weeks old, kittens depend on their moms to stimulate their anogenital area to allow them to urinate and defecate.

A foster guardian can assist with that by taking a heat, moist cotton ball and gently rubbing the kittens’ anogenital area. Without this assist, they might die.

2. They’re impressionable.

During kittens’ first 12 weeks, they be taught who’s protected and reliable, what’s good to eat and the place the toilet is. To grow to be socialized and pleasant towards folks, that is the time for loving human fingers to carry them, pet them, feed them and, as soon as they begin taking part in, have enjoyable with them.

3. It’s necessary for kittens to spend time with different cats.

For concerning the first 12 weeks, kittens grow to be socialized towards different cats. They be taught acceptable respect towards grownup cats from their moms and how one can get together with their friends from their littermates. They be taught issues like the place they stand in a hierarchy, to respect different cats’ territory and how one can combat honest.

4. Kittens are born with blue eyes.

Four kittens standing together with big blue eyes.
Kittens open their eyes at about two weeks of age. Photography by ©w-ings | Getty Images

One of essentially the most fascinating kitten details? Their eyes open with a bluish hue at about 2 weeks of age, and a few breeds — like Siamese, Tonkinese and Ragdoll — preserve their blue eye coloration. You may see a spread of colours through the kitten’s first 12 months earlier than her eyes turn into their everlasting coloration.

5.  They have a far superior sense of odor to ours.

Cats are outfitted with an additional organ concerned of their sense of odor. Located on the roof of their mouths, the vomeronasal organ permits cats to intensify the ability of their sense of odor.

By 4 weeks of age, this organ is absolutely developed. Kittens depend on their smelling acuity to seek out Mom as a result of their sense of sight and listening to usually are not but absolutely developed.

6. Their sense of listening to is among the greatest on the planet.

Cats have among the many greatest listening to of all land animals. They are born deaf, however when their wonderful sense of listening to is absolutely developed by 4 weeks of age, they’ll hear 65,000 cycles per second (or hertz), whereas we will solely hear 20,000.

7. They see issues in a different way.

Brown striped kitten with a surprised expression.
Kittens absolutely develop their eyesight by 5 weeks of age. Photography by ©w-ings | Getty Images

Kittens are born blind and don’t even open their eyes for his or her first week or two after beginning. While their eyesight is undeveloped, they’re adept at utilizing their whiskers and sense of odor to get round. Fully developed by 5 weeks of age, their eyesight is completely different from ours.

As nocturnal hunters, cats distinguish motion and understand depth higher than we will and see in gentle six occasions dimmer than we will. Yet they lack the flexibility to see the total spectrum of colours we see.

8. Feed kittens a progress food plan.

Another takeaway from these kitten details — as soon as the weaning course of begins at about 5 weeks of age, kittens can eat moist or dry meals. They may must transition throughout this time with a mixture of kitten components and stable meals.

Cats are obligate carnivores, that means they get their vitamins from meat. Choose a kitten meals that may be a progress components for concerning the first 12 months.

9. They’re not finicky eaters — but.

A gray cat looking up from his food bowl.
Kittens aren’t choosy eaters simply but. Photography ©Ukususha | Thinkstock.

This is the time to offer them quite a lot of kitten meals so that they don’t grow to be choosy eaters. If you ever have to change their diets for well being causes, you need them to have an adaptable palate.

10. Kittens are literally straightforward to potty practice.

Just plop them right into a litter field, and so they’re educated. It’s instinctual for cats to bury their waste in sand-like substrate. Many kittens will be taught to make use of the litter field simply by watching their moms use it.

11. Keep the litter field clear.

Scoop the litter field at the least as soon as a day. If your kitten isn’t utilizing it, experiment with litters till you discover one she likes. Kittens often favor one thing tender and sand-like. If she eats the litter, use an edible components like corn or wheat.

12. Kittens like to knead.

A baby kitten being bottle fed.
Kittens knead with a goal, however some cats nonetheless knead as adults. Photography ©douglascraig | Getty Images.

Kittens knead once they nurse to stimulate milk stream, however they nonetheless knead into maturity. When a cat kneads you, she’s in search of consolation and selected you as a mom determine to offer it.

13. Give kittens a smaller litter field.

Provide one with low sides to allow them to get out and in of it on their very own. As they develop, get them a litter field that’s one-and-a-half occasions their size.

14. They’re straightforward to groom at this age.

Handle their paws and open their mouths to have a look at their enamel. This will make nail clipping, pilling and toothbrushing when they’re adults simpler.

15. Fleas are particularly harmful to kittens.

Kitten peaking head out from behind a basket.
Parasites may cause anemia in kittens, which will be deadly. Photography by ©PhenomArtlover | Getty Images.

Fleas may cause tapeworm and a number of ailments. In kittens, these parasites may cause anemia, which will be deadly. Improper use of flea-control merchandise can also be harmful and generally deadly.

Follow packaging instructions on any topical therapies. Use a flea comb, bathe your kitten, and wash bedding. Vacuum round the home to battle an infestation. Involve your veterinarian for steering.

16. Save them from themselves.

Curious kittens will discover something they’ll get into. Look round your home for something that may trigger hurt.

17. Teach your kitten acceptable scratching behaviors.

A cat playing with his scratching post.
Kittens have to be taught acceptable scratching behaviors. Photography © marima-design | Thinkstock.

Get them acclimated to correct scratching surfaces like sisal and corrugated cardboard. It feels good and can make them much less inclined to scratch your furnishings.

18. They must play politely.

Redirect aggressive play along with your fingers or ft towards a toy, so that they don’t get into the behavior of biting and scratching folks.

19. Create a protected room on your kitten.

Before bringing kitten home, put together a protected, enclosed area outfitted with meals and water dishes, litter field, scratching publish and mattress. Let her keep on this room earlier than opening up the remainder of the home to her. A giant, unexplored home will be overwhelming, and she or he’ll really feel extra snug attending to know a small area first.

20. Keep up with these vet appointments.

A kitten at the vet. Photography ©SbytovaMN | iStock / Getty Images Plus.
Keep up along with your kitten’s vet appointments! Photography ©SbytovaMN | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Take your kitten to the vet for vaccinations, deworming and a well being test. Talk to your vet about any points, similar to any cold-like signs and one of the best age to spay/neuter. Your kitten’s first wellness test is important.

21. Kittens can grow to be dad and mom.

Kittens will be spayed as early as 8 weeks, and so they can go into warmth and grow to be pregnant by 5 months, so don’t procrastinate. Spaying/neutering will forestall disagreeable behaviors related to a warmth cycle, like urine marking and howling.

22. They’re not kittens for lengthy.

Kittens develop via infancy, childhood, adolescence and into young maturity within the first two years. By the age of two, their eye coloration, coat coloration, sample and size, and character can be well-established.

Thumbnail: Photography by ©Wildroze | Getty Images.

Read extra kitten details on Catster.com:

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