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The New Zealanders have actually lastly done it – they’ve turned me into a bird-lover | Rebecca Shaw


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This week, throughout a see to the Wellington zoo, I had a realisation about myself. No, it’s not that I want to remove off all my clothing and live out my days swinging naked from the trees like a spider monkey, although that does sound fantastic. It’s that after hanging out on and off in Aotearoa the last number of years (due to lesbian love), I have now completely end up being entrenched in the New Zealand state of mind.

Walking around the zoo lesbianly, we took a look at the incredibly charming otters, satisfied the cute lemurs, raised our eyebrows at the capuchins (not since we were amazed to see them at a zoo, it’s a sign of friendliness) and experienced all sorts of gorgeous animals. But as it ends up, the animal I was personally most thrilled to see, the one that made me gasp aloud upon entering its environment? The one I ensured to go back to prior to leaving?

It wasn’t a giraffe, or a snow leopard, or a chimpanzee. It was … a parrot.

But! Not simply ANY parrot. It was a kea! Kea are big native olive-green parrots, part of the very same family as the kākāpō, its more well-known family member. They are a few of the most intelligent birds on the planet (smarter than a crow!) and when they spread their wings they reveal an intense orange underside, as one revealed me when it flew over my head, making me gasp with delight.

Looking up at it, my mouth agape, I understood – the New Zealanders have actually lastly bloody done it. They’ve effectively turned me into among them.

One thing they don’t inform you is that brand-new zealanders definitely like discussing their birds. Every time I’ve been at an event of 3 or more individuals, they have actually begun discussing the birds at some time

— Bec Shaw (@Brocklesnitch) November 14, 2021

I tweeted the above declaration in 2021. The fascination with birds was among the earliest things I saw in Aotearoa, and it has actually stayed a long-running style. If you stand in one area enough time in Wellington, at some time somebody close by will start discussing birds.

Everyone speak about them, relatively throughout all criteria. Old, young, good friends, complete strangers, radio hosts, individuals at coffee shops, your Uber driver. Did you hear there’s a kārearea family nesting in Mt Vic? Do you understand a tūī has 2 voice boxes? Did you understand there’s a goth variation of a pīwakawaka, and it’s called a “dark morph”, as if it’s a teeny small round bird supervillain? Pixar please call me.

It appears like everybody in Wellington has some type of bird insanity (not to be misinterpreted for bird influenza), and I understand now that I am contaminated.

I’ve constantly enjoyed Australian birds, and I understand great deals of individuals do (particularly visible throughout the Guardian Bird of the Year survey that stimulates all the bird individuals). But there’s something about the broadness of the audience here, the natural method bird chat is included into daily life, and the authentic enthusiasm shared by everybody that has actually opened my eyes a bit broader – making it all the much easier to see how cool birds are.

The bird fascination might be partially because, as a kiwi friend carefully put it, there are really couple of land mammals, some bugs – however a substantial varied wealth of unique birds. It’s what they have, and they like to speak about it.

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A round, fuzzy, cartoon-like bumblebee.
‘Bumblebees are much larger than honeybees, and very round, and really fuzzy. They are almost cartoon-like. Pixar, call me,’ … Rebecca Shaw. Photograph: Sanka Vidanagama/NurPhoto/Rex/Shutterstock

Not to be hack, however I can’t speak about birds without a minimum of rapidly pointing out the bees prior to I conclude. Don’t concern, I am not ready to spill on some unusual New Zealand sex truths, I actually indicate the bees. Bumblebees! (which I’ve considering that found are a presented types and likewise exist in Tasmania).

All bees are very important and great, however prior to seeing my very first bumblebee, I might never ever understand why my sweetheart and her good friends all talked with respect about them. It’s since I had no concept that they are a few of the prettiest animals on Earth. Bumblebees are much bigger than honeybees, and really round, and truly fuzzy. They are almost cartoon-like. Pixar, call me.

I believe this development of me ending up being a bird lady has actually been an unusual example of favorable peer pressure. We normally just find out about peer pressure when it’s bad, like getting somebody into cigarette smoking, or being heterosexual (simply joking) (or am I?). No parent resembles “Oh no, Timothy has been peer pressured into doing his chores again!”

Decades after my teenager years, I have actually now been peer pressured. In an excellent way. By a whole nation’s population. It’s been a subtle peer pressure, bringing me along inch by inch with every random discussion I hear individuals having about birds, and how fantastic the birds are. Or possibly it’s more like bird propaganda, worming its method into my mind. The early riser talk gets the worm mind, as they state.

Whatever you wish to call it, it worked. I am now somebody who gasps at birds, who goes to the window when somebody explains a threatened bird. I’m somebody who purchases bird calendars and Googles intriguing bird truths. In reality, I’m somebody who composes a whole short article about just how much I like birds – and I couldn’t be better.

Rebecca Shaw is an author based in Sydney

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