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Take a look at your twitching information with these bird-based brainteasers


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Puzzle 1: Hidden Names

Can you discover the names of some acquainted birds hidden in these sentences?

1. The siblings used to spar, row and argue on a regular basis.

2. The sergeant mentioned that his platoon had a fairly meagre perspective to laborious work.

3. The do-it-yourself brew rendered them just about incapacitated!

4. I’m nonetheless smarting from the feedback you made!

5. I didn’t count on to see all these hippos wallowing within the mud.

6. I personally discovered the film Males In Black fascinating.

7. There isn’t any doubt that members of the membership lack birding expertise.

8. It’s good to see the pole star lingering within the sky.

9. She is an effective organiser, and that’s her one good level, I believe.

10. I’m not a fantastic fan of your crooked nostril, to be trustworthy.

Puzzle 2: What chicken am I?

How rigorously do you watch the birds in your backyard, particularly these at your feeders? Match the next birds with the descriptions. Starling, dunnock, chaffinch, robin, tawny owl, blackbird, goldfinch, coal tit, magpie, greenfinch

1. I feed in teams on the garden. I probe my invoice into the grass. If I exploit the chicken feeders, it’s often the flat desk, and I gobble down my meals with an entire lack of decorum.

2. I’m very tame, and certainly one of my finest strategies of feeding is to comply with the actions of individuals gardening, usually discovering creatures displaced by mowing or weeding.

3. I feed on the grass, working for some time after which stopping to look and pay attention for indicators of my favorite meals, worms. I additionally feed from floor feeders and tables. Within the autumn, I eat berries.

4. I are inclined to hog the seed-feeders. Actually, my accomplice and I usually keep for ages, simply utilizing the perches and nibbling away on the seeds. After we feed, the husks usually fall from our payments. We’re blissful to eat nearly any seeds, even sunflower seeds from heads, however we’ll additionally munch dandelion seeds on the bottom.

5. I usually feed on the bottom, on all kinds of backyard bugs on the garden, together with leatherjackets, simply by strolling round and searching. Within the breeding season, I often raid the nests of small birds and get numerous flak for doing so.

6. Sorry to say, I’m a frequent sufferer of bullying on the feeders, often by my family. Nonetheless, after I do go to I make it fast, darting out and in, simply taking one seed. The remainder of the time I feed within the higher branches of conifers.

7. I typically come to feeders, however I’m extra snug on trays or tables. I wish to feed on the bottom, in flocks, the place I stroll with a barely chicken-like shuffle. I’ve vibrant white shoulders.

8. No one notices me as a result of I feed nocturnally. I eat all kinds of issues, together with mice and rats, and I assault birds at roosts. I usually use streetlights to hunt, dropping down on prey from a peak. I typically eat worms on lawns.

9. You possibly can hardly see what I’m consuming, as a result of my skinny invoice solely permits for small objects. I take seeds whereas shuffling alongside the bottom, and in addition bugs. I usually feed on the bottom beneath feeders.

10. I come down with my mates in an explosion of color, and all of us like to feed on tiny seeds from feeders, abruptly. When this fails, we feed on seed heads, particularly thistles and teasel.

A male Eurasian sparrowhawk (Getty)

Puzzle 3: What’s uncommon?

1. What’s uncommon concerning the nest-building behaviour of the wren?

2. What’s uncommon concerning the music of the wren?

3. What’s uncommon concerning the relative sizes of the female and male sparrowhawk?

4. What’s uncommon concerning the female and male plumage of the tree sparrow?

5. What’s uncommon concerning the behaviour of the jay in autumn?

6. What’s uncommon about then music of the starling?

7. What’s uncommon concerning the nest-building actions of the nuthatch?

8. What’s uncommon a few flock of feral pigeons in a metropolis or city, versus the opposite pigeon species you discover there?

9. What’s uncommon concerning the nesting habits of robins?

10. What’s uncommon concerning the weight loss plan of a inexperienced woodpecker?

A murmuration of starlings over Somerset Ranges marshes (Tim Graham/Getty)

Puzzle 4: Backyard chicken voices

The backyard is the very best place to begin studying chicken voices – you’ll hear birds in your again yard, even for those who don’t need to. See for those who can match the chicken to the outline of its voice.

1. A loud, mischievous chatter.
a. Magpie b. Carrion crow c. Nuthatch d. Dunnock

2. A cheerful, bell-like music “instructor, instructor, instructor”.
a. Starling b. Blue tit c. Chaffinch d. Nice tit

3. A cheerful “pink-pink” to go along with the breast color.
a. Chaffinch b. Greenfinch c. Goldfinch d. Bullfinch

4. A loud, clear music, repeating each phrase a number of instances earlier than happening to the subsequent: “He sings every music twice over, lest you suppose he by no means might recapture that first effective careless rapture” (Robert Browning).
a. Blackbird b. Tune thrush c. Robin d. Collared dove

5. A dreary cooing dirge of three repeated notes: “U – ni – ted”.
a. Robin b. Woodpigeon c. Collared dove d. Tawny owl

6. A babbling, madcap medley usually sung from a roof aerial and infrequently together with a lot mimicry.
a. Rook b. Collared dove c. Blackbird d. Starling

7. A really loud, offended “caw” usually delivered thrice in succession.
a. Magpie b. Jackdaw c. Carrion crow d. Jay

8. A really assorted, fairly light, wistful music with lengthy pauses, usually sung on winter nights.
a. Robin b. Chaffinch c. Blackbird d. Nice tit

9. An unimpressive vary of tweet and cheep calls, made in conversational method.
a. Bullfinch b. Home sparrow c. Starling d. Feral pigeon

10. Brief, bubbly calls, with an embarrassing similarity to quiet flatulence!
a. Nice tit b. Starling c. Tawny owl d. Home martin

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Hidden names

  1. The siblings used to SPAR, ROW and argue on a regular basis.
  2. The sergeant mentioned that his platoon had a fairly meaGRE ATTITude to laborious work.
  3. The do-it-yourself breW RENdered them just about incapacitated!
  4. I’m nonetheless sMARTINg from the feedback
    you made!
  5. I didn’t count on to see all these hippoS WALLOWing within the mud.
  6. I personally discovered the film Males in BLACK CAPtivating.
  7. There isn’t any doubt that members of the cluB LACK BIRDing expertise.
  8. It’s good to see the pole STAR LINGering within the sky.
  9. She is an effective organiser, and that’s HER ONe
    good level, I believe.
  10. I’m not a fantastic fan of your cROOKed nostril, to be trustworthy.

What chicken am I?

  1. Starling
  2. Robin
  3. Blackbird
  4. Greenfinch
  5. Magpie
  6. Coal tit
  7. Chaffinch
  8. Tawny owl
  9. Dunnock
  10. Goldfinch

What’s uncommon?

  1. The male builds a number of constructions (as much as 10) often known as
    ‘cock-nests’ to impress visiting females.
  2. It’s extremely loud.
  3. The feminine is far heavier (nearly half as a lot once more) than the male – in most birds, males are bigger and heavier.
  4. The sexes are
    alike, whereas in the home sparrows they’re very totally different.
  5. It spends a lot of its time in search of and hiding acorns for its winter meals shops.
  6. It imitates.
  7. It makes use of mud to plaster its nest gap to simply the correct specs.
  8. They may all be totally different colors or patterns. Different pigeons look related to one another.
  9. They may typically nest in synthetic websites and man-made objects, like outdated jugs, kettles and teapots.
  10. It consists nearly totally of ants.

Backyard chicken voices

  1. a. Magpie
  2. d. Nice tit
  3. a. Chaffinch
  4. b. Tune thrush
  5. c. Collared dove
  6. d. Starling
  7. c. Carrion crow
  8. a. Robin
  9. b. Home sparrow
  10. d. Home martin

‘RSPB Nice British Birdwatcher’s Puzzle E book’ by RSPB and Dominic Couzens, printed by Gaia, £14.99

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