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Suspected bird caught in wall was a packed ‘Harry Potter’ toy


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UPI – Wildlife rescuers in Britain said the look for a bird thought to be caught inside the wall of a home when the reason for the noises was revealed as a Harry Potter toy.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said in a Facebook post that volunteers were dispatched when a North East Lincolnshire, England, homeowner reported bird noises were originating from inside a wall at their home.

“There was no obvious entry point that the resident could find so it was a mystery to how any bird would’ve found it’s way into the wall cavity,” the post said.

The rescue said the volunteers were still on their method to the home when the homeowner called a 2nd time with an update – the reason for the bird sounds that seemed originating from inside the wall was a kids’s toy.

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The packed Hedwig, the titular character’s animal owl from the Harry Potter series, had actually been making its taped noises from below a couch.

“Well, at least it wasn’t a real bird and we (were) able to move onto the next rescue,” the post said.

Suspected Bird Trapped In Wall Was A Stuffed ‘Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe Postures With Hedwig, His Animal Owl In The ‘Harry Potter’ Franchise. Image: Warner Brothers
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