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Stornoway breast cancer survivor backs early riser cancer campaign


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A Stornoway lady detected with breast cancer in 2020 has actually backed a brand-new nationwide campaign raising awareness of capturing it at an early phase.

The Be the Early Bird campaign intends to promote how essential it can be to discover cancer at an earlier phase.

This will provide the client far more time and alternatives for treatments while likewise raising their possibilities of survival.

Norma MacLeod, 47, from Stornoway shared her experience of medical diagnosis, treatment and life now to help individuals get examined.

Norma MacLeod from Stornoway now lives her live after effective treatments for breast cancer. Image: Norma MacLeod.
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She was an “early bird” and through her prompt action, she had the ability to capture her cancer, which resulted in effective treatment.

She said: “Cancer modifications you psychologically – not your character, however your idea procedures. I wasn’t myself for a year after radiotherapy however I’m gradually returning to the individual I was and am beginning to acknowledge myself once again.

‘I live life day to day now’

“I’ve made a point of being far better at taking care of myself, turning off and taking some time to understand I’m really fine.

“Rather than preparing ahead, I live life daily now – it works for me, and I rather like it.

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“Although work is busy I make time to look after myself, go on holiday at a moment’s notice and focus on living well.”

The Scottish Government campaign is specifically intended motivating those over 40 with specific signs to call their GP practice without hold-up.

Symptoms consist of inexplicable bleeding, uncommon swellings, inexplicable weight-loss or something that doesn’t feel regular for them.

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Mrs MacLeod included: “If you discover a swelling, don’t wait. Take no possibilities. Until I all of a sudden got up that day, I was gambling every day with my life, and it might have been a lot even worse for me.

“It’s not easy to hear the word cancer but it’s better to know where you stand and what can be done to treat it, rather than brushing it under the carpet.”

Health minister Humza Yousef said: “More people are surviving cancer than ever prior to in Scotland, however discovering cancer at an earlier phase stays crucial.

“The Be the Early Bird campaign has been designed to highlight why an earlier diagnosis can lead to better outcomes, in terms of treatment options and quality of life after treatment, to motivate people to take action rather than put off getting possible cancer symptoms checked.”

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[Stornoway breast cancer survivor backs early bird cancer campaign]


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