Poultry to be chosen after bird influenza discovered at 3rd farm in Oundle near Peterborough


Poultry will be chosen at a 3rd farm in Oundle after cases of bird influenza were verified.

The Other Day the Animal and Plant Health Firm (APHA) stated 3 Poultry farms in the town had actually now been impacted.

A 3km defense zone and a 10km monitoring zone have actually been put in location by the firm as an outcome of the finds. The monitoring zones now spread out into the Ortons in Peterborough.

A variety of believed cases have actually been reported in Peterborough

A declaration from the firm stated “All poultry on the properties will be humanely chosen.”

Suggestions on what to do if you discover dead birds

On www.gov.uk/bird-flu Defra has actually made the following recommendations offered to members of the general public that discover wild birds:

Call Defra on 03459 33 55 77 if you discover:

– several dead birds of victim

– 3 or more dead gulls or wild waterfowl (swans, geese and ducks)

– 5 or more dead birds of any types

You do not require to report any other discovered dead wild birds. If you report a dead wild bird, Defra and APHA might organize to gather it and evaluate it.

Do not touch or get a dead or noticeably ill wild bird.

If the general public discover less than this, and the bird( s) are on public land, they can be reported to Peterborough City board by calling 01733 747474.

What to do if you discover dead birds in your garden

If you discover little numbers of dead garden birds at your house (domestic home just) you can deal with them in your home or community waste bin, or you can bury them.

If you deal with a dead wild bird with your home or community waste, you need to:

– Choose it up using non reusable gloves or a plastic bag over your hand.

– Put the bird in a plastic bag and connect it. Make sure not to infect the beyond the bag.

– Put the bird in a 2nd (ideally leakage evidence) plastic bag, together with the gloves or plastic bag you utilized to choose it up and connect it. Make sure not to touch the beyond the gloves with bare hands.

– Put it in your outdoors home or community waste bin.

– Wash your hands completely with soap and water.

If you bury a dead wild bird you need to:

– dig a hole a minimum of 60cm deep to stop animals digging it up

– not bury it in a plastic bag (if you utilize a plastic bag to choose the bird up put it in your outdoors home or community waste bin)

– not bury it near any watercourses or in a location where it might infect regional water materials

– clean your hands completely with soap and water when you have actually completed

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