Bird poop blamed for ‘mist of fluid’ discovered vehicles in Trenton, Ont.


. Bird poop, and not a Royal Canadian Flying force airplane, is getting the blame for soiling lorries near the runway to CFB Trenton previously today.

. The Department of National Defence released an examination after getting reports that motorists discovered a light mist of fluid covering their lorries that were parked at a Canadian Tire store in Trenton, Ont. on Monday.

. The car park lies on the method to the 8 Wing Trenton runway, and military airplane had actually been performing training in the airspace at the time the fluid was found.

. In a declaration on Thursday, DND stated no leakages, nor technical problems connected to hydraulic fluids were fond on Royal Canadian Flying force airplane operating at 8 Wing Trenton on Monday.

. The examination is now blaming birds going through the location.

” The examination concluded that the light mist of fluid, discovered on some lorries at the Trenton Canadian Tire car park, on November 14, was most likely associated to bird droppings from migratory gathering birds consuming regional Buckthorn berries,” 8 Wings Public Affairs stated in a declaration.

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