Bird influenza guidelines not purchased in Scotland


Rigorous brand-new guidelines to combat bird influenza in England will not be duplicated yet in Scotland, the nation’s chief veterinarian has actually stated.

All poultry and captive birds in England need to be kept inside from November 7 amidst the worst-ever bird influenza break out.

Chief veterinary officer Sheila Voas stated the proof in Scotland does not presently validate a real estate order.

However the chief veterinarian stated authorities were “keeping the scenario under evaluation”.

NFU Scotland argues it is important that business flocks are safeguarded by being housed inside.

Bird influenza cases in Scotland

An overall of 4 bird influenza cases have actually been taped in Scotland this month, compared to 80 in England.

The Scottish tally consists of cases discovered in Aberdeenshire and Orkney.

Bird influenza is ruled out unsafe to people, however individuals are encouraged not to touch dead or passing away birds.

Speaking With the BBC, Ms Voas stated: “While we are keeping the scenario under evaluation, we do not think the proof yet needs obligatory real estate here.

” We are watching on varieties of cases. We’re watching on wild bird results coming through, and if the position considerably alters here, then we might select to go to a real estate order, also.

” I believe all breeders must be worried and take whatever preventative measures they can to keep their flock safe.”

HEADS UPAvian Influenza continuing to create chaos throughout GB and England to house flocks from next week. Listen out …

Published by NFU Scotland on Monday, 31 October 2022

Ms Voas included that keeping birds inside must not be viewed as a “silver bullet” for taking on bird influenza which other steps, such as keeping feeding and bed linen far from wild birds, were likewise efficient.

Nevertheless, NFU Scotland is getting in touch with the Scottish Federal government to instantly embrace the very same guidelines as those presented in England.

Robert Thompson, chairman of the body’s poultry working group, stated: “To safeguard business flocks from the wild bird population, it is important that the birds are housed.

” The Scottish Federal government’s view is that this issue can be managed merely by biosecurity. We do not concur with this at all.

” We will be pressing really tough to get this corrected due to the fact that poultry farmers can’t risk their organizations.”

Will there suffice turkeys for Christmas?

On The Other Hand, the UK will have sufficient turkeys for Christmas, a UK minister informed Parliament the other day.

Environment Minister Mark Spencer stated ministers are positive the UK’s “robust” supply chains and additional biosecurity steps presented in current weeks indicate the variety of turkeys on grocery store racks this winter season will not diminish due to bird influenza.

Mr Spencer stated: “When it pertains to food products, we are positive that our food supply networks suffice to make certain that we have turkeys for Christmas.

” We have the most robust supply chains readily available to us, and there must not be an issue as long as we continue to keep the strictest biosecurity moving on.”

Mr Spencer stated farmers in England and Wales who reproduce turkeys, geese and ducks for their meat “will have the choice to massacre their flocks early and freeze items, which can then be thawed and offered to customers in between November 28 and the December 31 2022”.

The minister stated it is “important” the market plays its part in “assisting avoid even more break outs”.


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