Bird flies away with AirPod as female rests under sun


Viral video: Bird flies away with AirPod as woman rests under sun

Representational image. Wikimedia Commons.

Animals are undoubtedly entertaining animals to view. With amusing activities showing friendly behaviours, one can never ever be tired around animals as they not just leave a lasting impression however likewise have a favorable effect on our physical, psychological, and psychological health. Discussing some amusing animal behaviour, it is extremely typical to see monkeys, in addition to other birds taking food from people. Nevertheless, now we have actually encountered a video where a bird wisely took a female’s earbud while she was resting under the sun and later on declined to return it.

Sounds unusual. Isn’t it? Well, this held true with the female who was taking in the sun with her AirPods plugged into her ears. Nevertheless, things went south when a bird came near to her ear and all of a sudden took among the AirPods from her ear and flew away. The video camera later on zooms on to the bird keeps flying around holding the gadget in its beak.

Later on, it likewise rests upon a location, nevertheless, still declining to offer it back to the female. At a minute, the female likewise attempted to take the AirPod in exchange for a banana however fruitless.

View the amusing video here:

Initially published on TikTok, the video was shared on Reddit by a page called Animal Being Jerks with the caption “Noise Cops.” The video has actually gone viral ever since and has actually left the web in divides. Individuals required to the remark area and shared their views.

While one user composed, “Apple began releasing them after every individual neglects their silly volume cautions”, another individual commented, “Banana for AirPod? Nope! Do birds like bananas?”

A 3rd user composed, “It’s since she was listening to this dreadful TUNE! Dammit, can we lose it currently ??” Another commented, “The sound authorities requirement to come and remove the music off this video.”

Considering that being shared, the video has actually gotten numerous upvotes and a series of amusing remarks.

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