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Backyard flocks might require to be signed up as bird influenza spreads out


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Currently, flocks of less than 50 birds are don’t require to be signed up however this has actually made it challenging to track and handle the spread of illness.

An assessment has actually now been released looking for to alter that with a requirement for all keepers to register their birds with the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), and update info yearly.

It follows a suggestion in the 2018 Dame Glenys Stacey Review and lessons recognized throughout previous illness break outs.

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The guidelines would cover yard flocks, birds of victim and pigeon keepers and would need owners to offer info including their contact information, the area of where birds are kept and the types and variety of birds and what they are kept for.

In a joint declaration, the Chief Veterinary Officers of Wales, England and Scotland said registration would offer a complete photo of the number and area of birds kept in Great Britain and would make it much easier to track and handle the spread of bird illness.

The assessment will run up until May 31.

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Backyard Flocks May Need To Be Registered As Bird Flu

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