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What Is 2023’s Most Popular Cat Name For Montana And Nationwide?


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It’s pretty evident that Montana is a dog-loving state. You will see dogs on trails, and at restaurants, and dogs possibly have more parks than kids do. But, let’s not forget, Montanans are not just dog lovers, they are animal lovers in general.

The 2023 list of Most Popular Dog Names came out not too long ago, which you can view below. Montana’s most popular dog’s name is Sophie.


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Now although you don’t see a lot of kitty cats running around at parks, sitting at pet-friendly restaurants, and hiking trails with their owners, there are a lot of cat owners throughout Montana as well.

I had barn cats growing up and the first one I got I named Nikki. I have no idea why I chose that name, but it was fitting. My brother had Nikki’s brother, who he called Bart (after the Simpsons). Neither of these two names makes 2023’s Most Popular Cat Names, according to Trusted House Sitters.

Top 5 Most Popular Male Cat Names Of 2023:

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Top 5 Most Popular Female Cat Names Of 2023:

  • Luna
  • Lucy
  • Bella
  • Sophie
  • Stella

Montana’s Most Popular Cat Name for 2023 is Lola!

Photo Credit: Trusted House Sitters Official Website
Photo Credit: Trusted House Sitters Official Website

Fun fact, 13% of cats are named after either food or drink. Like Ginger, Pendelton, and Cookie. The most popular city a cat is named after is Salem and the most popular character-inspired names for cats are:

  • Tigger
  • Simba
  • Zelda
  • Chester
  • Thor

Did your cat’s name make the list? We would love to hear what your kitty cat’s name is. Send us a message on our station App. Don’t have it downloaded? Head over to the google play or app store and get in on all the fun there, for free!

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cc: Trusted House Sitters

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