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University research study discovers that dogs choose EVs to diesel lorries


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Following the release of the information, Mills said: “We know most dogs will travel in a car at some point in their life, if not on a daily basis. Yet as EVs become more prevalent with motorists, until now there were no studies of their effect on dogs.

“Our results clearly show that dogs seem to be more relaxed in EVs, particularly when looking at behavioural traits such as restlessness.

“Additionally, an interesting and somewhat unintended revelation from the study came from the dogs that we identified as having potential symptoms associated with travel sickness.

“During their journeys in the EVs, biometric recordings of these dogs revealed their heart rates slowed markedly more than when they were in diesel cars. This was of particular interest to us given an increase in heart rate is commonly associated with motion sickness.

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“It’s an intriguing result, which raised additional questions for exploration within this field.”

The research study likewise discovered that owners said their animals most typically struggled with over enjoyment (58%), stress and anxiety (48%) and queasiness (44%) when taking a trip in the car.

However, the individuals that have actually driven their dogs in both an ICE and EV vehicle said they settled much better (39%), were calmer (43%), less distressed (42%) and grumbled less (45%) in an EV compared to an ICE.

Further analysis of the research study discovered that dog owners attempt to keep their animals unwinded in the car. Nearly half (47%) provide deals with to motivate them to get in the car, 46% put a toy or blanket in the car, 36% go on drives in the car to get them utilized to taking a trip and 36% play unwinding music.

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