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Travelling with your family pet? Keep these guidelines in mind


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New Delhi,UPGRADED: Jun 22, 2022 13:26 IST

By India Today Web Desk: Flying your family pet to a various nation is not as easy as scheduling a ticket and positioning them on a flight; there is a treatment that needs to be followed together with guidelines and guidelines for each nation. Pet owners need to examine a great deal of elements prior to moving their fur infants to a global place.

There are a set of specific standards which need to be celebrated regardless of the nation of moving, be it, the U.S.A., UK, Canada, Dubai, Europe, or Singapore. These make up particular files like microchipping, medical examination certificates, vaccination reports, dog authorizations, and so on.

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Travelling with your family pet? Keep these guidelines in mind

Here are a couple of things which is compulsory to follow regardless of nation of family pet moving:

Pet owner’s passport, air ticket, visa copy

Assuring that your travel files remain in location prior to taking a trip can save a great deal of time. The family pet moving businesses are of fantastic help in this and help you in arranging all your essential records such as passport, suitable IDs, emergency situation contact numbers, NOC, and so on. For safe taking a trip, the family pet moving businesses monitor to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Animal Quarantine and Certification Station, which has actually ended up being required because the pandemic.

Vaccination record

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The vaccination record of your animals should be upgraded, with all the essential vaccinations such as rabies, Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus, and so on. You should have an upgraded vaccination book prior to getting on any worldwide flight. Compulsory vaccinations mandated for family pet dogs and cats can vary from nation to nation counting on high-risk or low-risk nations.


A microchip is a little gadget implanted beneath the skin in between your dog or cat’s shoulder blades that make up a Unique Identification Number (UIN) unique to your family pet. It’s a genuine requirement in almost all the nations. Obtaining an ISO-compatible microchip prior to moving your animals to any worldwide place is obligatory.

Travelling with your family pet? Keep these guidelines in mind

Other than the above, listed below are the standards specific to unique nations to transfer your animals:

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  • A rabies antibody titer test is not preferred for cats, nevertheless, it is compulsory for dogs.

  • Before immigrating to the U.S.A., an International Health certificate is obligatory.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sets out the requirements and eligibility standards for individuals obtaining a CDC Dog Import Permit to bring their animals into the nation. Whether returning or showing up in the nation, family pet owners should have a dog license. The CDC Dog Import Permit for the U.S.A. should be used a minimum of 6 weeks in the past.

  • Puppies too young to be immunized should be kept in quarantine up until they are old adequate to be immunized and after that quarantined for a minimum of thirty days after the immunization.

  • You likewise require to obtain a certificate validated by a regional vet asserting that the dog has actually been analyzed for screwworm within 5 days prior to delivery.


  • Pets taking a trip to Dubai from low-risk nations should be immunized versus rabies a minimum of 21 days prior to the date of the journey.

  • Before preparing to travel, you ought to take your family pet to the veterinarian for an animal health certificate prior to 10 days of taking a trip. The certificate requires to be validated by a main vet.

  • Before bringing your family pet to the UAE, you should get a tapeworm, parasite check, and medication, provided for your family pet as it is required.


  • For the UK you should wait 21 days after the main vaccination, prior to bring your family pet from a Part 1 or Part noted nation, as discussed by the federal government.

  • You require to get a health certificate not more than 10 days prior to you take a trip

  • For tapeworm treatment, it needs to be offered no less than 24 hr and no greater than 120 hours (5 days) prior to you get in the nation. Your family pet can be declined entry or take into quarantine if you do not follow this guideline.

  • You do not require to treat your dog for tapeworm if you’re coming straight to Great Britain from Finland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Malta, or Norway.

Direct transfer of animals from India to Australia is not licensed, they need to be sent through Dubai or Singapore. Relocating animals from India to nations like the U.S.A., Canada and Dubai is easier explained to the UK and Europe.

All nations have their own set of laws and policies for family pet moving however for a safe and problem-free experience, you can pick pet moving business. An animal moving business can help while doing so and arrange all the essential files such as health certificates, vaccination certificates, import certificates, NOC, and other mandated files.

This post is composed by Faisal Islam, Co-creator, Carry My Pet

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