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This is the Wealthiest Person Living in Massachusetts


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Massachusetts is among the very best states to reside in the U.S. The little however populous New England state is well-known for its sensational and differing landscapes from beaches to mountains, its abundant history, world-renowned colleges, and some quite incredible sports groups.

In addition to all its offerings, Massachusetts is likewise an excellent location to live based upon its lifestyle. Massachusetts is home to a few of the very best public education in the nation and has among the greatest mean earnings and among the greatest GDP per capita in the country. Several media outlets, consisting of, rank Massachusetts as the 2nd most affluent state in the nation, behind just New York state

Massachusetts homeowners may hold a yearly mean earnings of simply under $89,026, according to, however there are lots of Bay State homeowners that take home even more than that. Like METHOD more than that.

According to Forbes Magazine, since January 2023, there were 22 billionaires, yes, billion with a B, living in Massachusetts. For viewpoint, there are 720 billionaires living in the United States and about 7,200 worldwide.

Who is The Wealthiest Person Living in Massachusetts?

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Abigail Johnson is the most affluent individual in Massachusetts. A full-time homeowner of Milton, Massachusetts, Johnson is the CEO of Fidelity Investments, a post she had actually held given that 2014. Forbes Magazine approximates her net worth at around $20.1 billion dollars, which is almost double the net worth of the 2nd most affluent individual in Massachusetts, which takes place to be Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, who is approximated to be worth $10.6 billion.

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