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Spring weather condition is coming, and with it some really starving bears


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winter season travel safety. In addition, keep in mind to keep windows and doors locked on structures so bears cannot burglarize structures.

Your Actions Can Impact an Entire Ecosystem

Bears play a crucial function in Lake Tahoe’s environment and permitting them access to human food and trash is harmful to natural procedures in the area. Bears help spread out berry seeds through their scat, transportation pollen, tidy up animals that passed away throughout the winter season, consume pests, and supply other necessary functions of nature.

As an outcome, if they discover and gain access to human food and trash, bird seed, family pet food, coolers, and other sources of human food, the Tahoe Basin loses the advantages bears deal to these natural procedures. Bears require to be wild animals instead of waste disposal unit, specifically considering that abnormal food sources can affect their total health by damaging and/or decomposing their teeth.

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In truth, bears will unwittingly consume undigestible products from human garbage like foil, paper items, plastics, and metal that can damage their internal systems and even cause death. If these products do make it through their gastrointestinal system, they leave it behind in their scat instead of the native seeds and healthy fertilizer required to grow the next generation of plant life.

Call the Experts

Spring is likewise the time of year that citizens or visitors might see a bear they feel looks unhealthy, ill, or orphaned. If anybody has issues about a bear’s health, never ever be reluctant to call main wildlife specialists. If the bear requires help, state firm wildlife specialists have the training and knowledge to examine the bear’s condition and transportation it to a wildlife vet. Healthy bears mean healthy environments, and we can all do our part to set both up for success!

For terrific suggestions about living properly with bears, see and

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The bottom line is that Lake Tahoe is bear nation. It’s as much as every one people, consisting of those residing in, going to, or recreating in the Tahoe Basin to practice good stewardship practices by constantly protecting food, garbage, and other aromatic products. Good practices will help guarantee we keep Tahoe bears wild.

To report human-bear disputes:

  • In California, get in touch with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at 916-358-2917 or report online utilizing the Wildlife Incident Reporting (WIR) system at

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  • Non-emergency situation wildlife interactions in California State Parks can be reported to their public dispatch at 916-358-1300.

  • In Nevada, get in touch with the Nevada Department of Wildlife at 775-688-BEAR (2327).

  • If the problem is an instant hazard, call the regional constable’s department or 911.

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