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By Kitty Block

Earlier this month, authorities from the Special Area of the City of (DKI) Jakarta—the most populated city in Indonesia, that includes the capital city—revealed they have actually prohibited the dog and cat meat trades, which will save the lives of an approximated 340 dogs and numerous cats each day. The relocation can be found in action to an extensive campaign by Dog Meat Free Indonesia, exposing extreme animal ruthlessness and threats to human health from zoonotic illness intrinsic in the trade. Humane Society International is happy to be an establishing member of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia, a union of companies that consists of HSI, Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Four Paws, Animals Asia and Animal Friends Jogja. Jakarta is the 21st jurisdiction in Indonesia to prohibit the trade.

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At a conference with Dog Meat Free Indonesia on March 1, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta mentioned that it is preparing a local law and associated guv’s instruction that will enhance the instruction and lead to active enforcement to close down all dog and cat-meat associated operations.

The news is being commemorated both in your area and globally. An opinion poll revealed that 93% of Indonesians support a nationwide dog meat restriction and simply 4.5% have actually ever taken in dog meat. And celebs active in raising awareness about the predicament of dogs and cats in the meat trade applauded the regional authorities for passing the restriction through video messages—starlet Kim Basinger, comic Ricky Gervais and British star Peter Egan all thanked Jakarta authorities for doing something about it, together with nationwide celebs such as Luna Maya and Davina Veronica.

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Jakarta’s restriction on the dog and cat meat trades is a significant win that is being commemorated by the Dog Meat Free Indonesia union—Humane Society International, Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Four Paws, Animals Asia and Animal Friends Jogja. Dog Meat Free Indonesia

When the restriction was formally revealed, Ibu Ir. Suharini Eliawati M.Si, Head of the Food Security and Agriculture Department for Jakarta, included that the “plan is also to educate people to not consume dog meat, and to be responsible animal owners,” showing how dogs and cats are significantly being seen in the area, as pet ownership increases quickly.

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In other parts of Indonesia, too, authorities have actually been punishing the trade. In 2021, in cooperation with the Dog Meat Free Indonesia, the authorities of Sukoharjo obstructed a truck bring 53 horrified dogs as it got to an unlawful slaughterhouse. In a win for enforcement of the law, the dog trafficker was sentenced to a record 17-month prison term, marking the nation’s second-ever prosecution of dog meat traders under animal health and wellness laws and representing a turning point in the worldwide campaign to safeguard dogs from being butchered for food. 

The ruthlessness intrinsic in the dog and cat meat trade is now popular all over the world. Across Indonesia, more than 1 million dogs and numerous countless cats are killed every year for meat, the majority of them taken family pets or strays, taken from the streets and unlawfully trafficked on grueling journeys to slaughterhouses that are in some cases hours and hours away. Many pass away throughout this long experience from heatstroke, dehydration or injuries caused throughout capture and transportation. Those who endure are required to makeshift slaughterhouses where they are bludgeoned and killed.

In Asia, the sell and massacre, sale and usage of dogs has actually likewise ended in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Siem Reap in Cambodia and 2 significant cities in mainland China. In South Korea, a government-initiated task force is presently thinking about a restriction. We hope that a nationwide restriction is on the horizon for Indonesia and other nations where the dog meat trade still exists, and we will keep combating to make sure that dogs and cats are managed the empathy that they are worthy of.

Follow Kitty Block on Twitter @HSUSKittyBlock.

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Animal Rescue and Care, Humane Society International

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