Greene County Supervisors Expected to Approve Courthouse Building and Grounds Policy on Thursday | Raccoon Valley Radio


The Greene County Board of Supervisors met Monday in regular session.

During open, County Zoning Administrator Chuck Wenthold told the Board about Alliant Energy applying for a conditional use permit to make improvements to a substation that is northeast of Grand Junction. He added that this is for Alliant Energy only and isn’t connected to any other possible projects. Wenthold said the Board of Adjustment will schedule a meeting to consider the permit application.

County Attorney Thomas Laehn said the Sheriff’s Office will be making a trip to Texas to transport a wanted criminal that was sentenced to state prison. Juan Guzman was sentenced to prison in 2021 but has since been on the run. Laehn said he justifies doing these kinds of actions to bring criminals in to serve their prison sentences because of the seriousness of the crimes and the age of the case.  

The Board then discussed a draft of the courthouse building and grounds policy. The policy allows for pets to be on the courthouse grounds, as defined by Iowa Code, and if the pet is licensed, has up-to-date on required vaccinations and is either in a container or is on a leash that is no more than six feet in length. The pet owner is also required to pick up their pet’s waste from the grounds. 

Board Chair John Muir said if they get into a situation with habitual offenders of the policy, they can change it and ban all animals, except for a law enforcement animal or a service animal, from the courthouse and its grounds. Supervisor Dawn Rudolph felt that the City of Jefferson only needs to have skin in the game and designate grassley areas for pet owners to use as well. Supervisor Pete Bardole thought if all the pet owner is doing is allowing their pet to relieve themselves while on the courthouse grounds, that shouldn’t happen.

Another highlight is having to submit an application to reserve areas of the courthouse, the courthouse grounds or the Mahanay Memorial Carillon Tower, without a reservation fee, and the applicant would be liable for any damage. Following the discussion, the Board will consider approving the policy at this Thursday’s meeting.

The Board also discussed a template 28E agreement for non-profits that request funding from the county. Laehn said this is based on the recommendation of the state auditor’s office that if there is funding given from the county to a non-profit, documentation should be recorded and the preference would be to use a 28E agreement. The Board agreed to move forward and will consider approving those documents as they are submitted.

Finally, the Board approved a resolution naming UMB Bank as the paying agent, note registrar and transfer agent for the $3,020,000 bond communication tower project. They also approved a resolution to authorize the issuance of those bonds for the project and levying taxes to pay for that essential service. They also approved a cost allocation plan with Cost Allocation Services Incorporated for the Department of Human Services to rent an office space in the courthouse. 

Draft of the building and grounds policy: Draft-Building-and-Grounds-Policy

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