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All UK cat owners might be required to microchip their animals quickly – for a morbid factor


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The Transport Minister said microchipping cats is the very best method to reunite owners with dead animals, as advocates desire the law altered to require drivers who strike cats to notify authorities

Pet cats might quickly require to be microchipped(Getty Images)
Millions of cat owners throughout the UK might quickly be lawfully needed to microchip their animals – for a morbid factor.

The long-awaited law is set to be talked about in Parliament in the coming weeks and MPs are likewise thinking about which would need drivers to stop when they run over a cat.

Transport minister Richard Holden said microchipping cats would be the very best method to reunite owners with their dead animals.

He declares that needing animals to be microchipped was a much better method of handling cat deaths, rather of requiring drivers to report the mishaps as this would lead to “hundreds of thousands” of reports to police each year.

Mr Holden said: “Cats tend to stroll unaccompanied and are most likely to head out in the evening. Drivers likewise might not understand that they have had an accident with a cat in some circumstances, or little animals extremely comparable to bunnies or other wild animals, which can likewise cross roadways late in the evening.

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Do you have a family pet cat? Are they already microchipped? Will you get them microchipped? Join the conversation below

Cats belong to the family(Getty Images)

“There are likewise risks connected with stopping to inspect whether animals live or not, specifically if they are extremely little animals.

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