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Study exposes age and breed as most significant danger elements for gum illness in animal cats – VetSurgeon News – VetSurgeon


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The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) has actually released research study which clarifies the frequency, danger elements and connected illness related to gum illness in animal cats in the UK.

RVC scientists state that the VetCompass research study is the biggest ever performed into oral illness in cats utilizing veterinary medical records.

The research study examined a sample of 18,249 cats arbitrarily picked from a research study population of 1,255,130 cats in the UK in 2019.

Periodontal illness was taped in 15.2% of the sample making it the most typical condition. 

The cat types with the greatest yearly levels of this medical diagnosis were Siamese (18.7%), Maine Coon (16.7%) and British Short Hair (15.5%) along with crossbreeds (15.4%).

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The typical bodyweight of cats with gum illness (5.7kg) was greater than for cats without gum illness (5.5kg).

The danger of gum illness increased steeply as cats grew older, with cats aged 9 to 12 years being 6.7 times most likely to have actually gum illness compared to cats aged under 3 years.

Cats with gum illness were a lot more most likely to have a series of other health conditions compared to cats without gum illness (x 1.8 danger).

These conditions consisted of heart dysrhythmia (x 2.3 danger), ear discharge (x 2.3 danger) and hairball/furball (x 2.3 danger).

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The scientists state that these findings recommend that gum illness ought to be acknowledged as a leading health and well-being problem in cats, and highlight the requirement for higher oral care in cats as they age. 

The research study was supported by an award from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and Agria Pet Insurance.

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