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Embrace Pet Insurance reveals popular Irish animal names


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In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, Embrace Pet Insurance (Embrace) revealed the most popular Irish animal names from their database along with Irish dog breed enjoyable truths.

According to Embrace,1 Irish alcohol brand names are a leading competitor for Irish animal names with almost 200 family pets called Guinness, 3 called Harp after the Irish Lager, and a Smithwick, called after the popular Irish red ale-style beer. The database likewise recognized 400 dogs and cats called Whisky and more than 150 were called Jameson.

Clover, which implies meadow flower, is the name of over 230 family pets, and Finnigan, the Gaelic name significance “little fair one,” however for over 1,180 family pets they are merely Finn. Other leading Irish animal names are 6 family pets called Ireland, 85 family pets called Dublin, and just 1 Galaway. The release likewise shared that almost 2,000 family pets are called Bailey, 1,100 Murphys, and almost 630 Luckys.

Along with popular animal names, Embrace likewise shared enjoyable truths about Irish setters, Irish wolfhounds, and Irish terriers. Setters are high-spirited and best understood for their red coats. These family pets are notoriously understood for being terrific for households due to the fact that they are sweet-tempered. Multiple presidents have actually had this breed as family pets, consisting of Presidents Nixon, Truman, and Regan.

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Built like greyhounds, Irish wolfhounds are shaggy-coated and muscular. Wolfhounds can run quick and males can stand almost 3 feet high. Embrace shared that wolfhounds have actually stood, and combated, together with the Celts as early as 600 BC. The last Irish dog breed Embrace highlighted was the Irish terrier. The Irish terrier is a medium-sized dog that is the only dog that has an intense red coat. Bold and brave, these dogs are likewise understood for being the dog of option for star Clint Eastwood in his prime time, according to the release.1


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