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Animal Ownership Information and Stats in 2022 


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Current family pet ownership stats reveal that a person in 5 U.S. homes welcomed a brand-new cat or dog into their house throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 23 million individuals included a furry member of the family throughout this time and the majority of have complete intent of continuing to look after the family pet. However being an animal owner includes more than simply figuring out where to discover the best family pet and selecting a buddy. It likewise includes making choices surrounding financial resources, insurance coverage and family pet care.

Animal ownership stats

Animal ownership stats reveal ownership levels have actually reached brand-new highs throughout the previous number of years. A 2021-2022 study performed by the American Animal Products Association (APPA) discovered that 70% of homes own an animal. Amongst the 70%, there are 69 million U.S. homes that own a dog compared to 45.3 million homes that own a cat.

  • Think about these other stats around pet ownership, too:
  • Animal ownership continues to increase. 56% of homes owned an animal in 1988 compared to the present 70% rate.
  • Expenditures for family pet items, care and services grew to over $103 billion in 2020, compared to $97 billion in 2019.
  • Throughout the pandemic, about 30% of Americans embraced a minimum of one family pet.
  • Gross composed family pet insurance coverage premiums grew to nearly $2 billion in 2020, compared to $1.6 billion in 2019.
  • 83% of family pet insurance coverage premiums offered protection for pet dogs in 2020.


Embrace vs. store

When a home chooses to include a brand-new family pet to the household, there is typically a concern of whether it’s much better to save from another house or shelter, or buy from a breeder. Each family pet is worthy of a caring house, so it is very important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each circumstance prior to choosing.

Rescue Breeder
Pro Con Pro Con
Frequently more economical than animals from breeders Veterinarian expenditures and behavioral training might balance out the preliminary lower adoption charge More versatility to look for a wanted type Frequently comes at a steeper cost
Shelters have a range of animals with various types and personalities You might not discover the specific type you choose Family pets are typically reproduced for particular, preferable characteristics Breeders might have a waiting list for specific litters
Rescue pet dogs might currently have some training and fundamental abilities History of the animal might be unidentified, consisting of health care or previous abuse You will likely understand more about the case history Pups need extra medical expenses the very first year
Older animals can still be trained The animal might have unique requirements the shelter is uninformed of Numerous breeders use health warranties, such as an assurance versus a hereditary flaw Discovering a credible breeder needs a bargain of research study

Secret adoption stats

  • While over 3 million animals go into shelters each year, around 4.1 million animals are embraced. This consists of 2 million pet dogs and about 2.1 million felines.
  • Around 40% of dog owners and 46% of cat owners discovered their family pet through word of mouth, such as through friends and family.
  • Approximately a 3rd of dog owners got their family pet’s details from a breeder, compared to 23% of dog owners learning more about their family pet from a shelter.
  • While mixed-breeds are most typical, 25% of pet dogs in shelters are pure-blooded.
  • When selecting an animal, pet dogs are more than likely to be bought from a breeder, whereas felines are most likely to be embraced.
  • Black felines experience the most affordable adoption rates amongst felines.
  • Pit bulls and chihuahuas have a few of the most affordable adoption rates and are typically ultimately euthanized.
  • Over 920,000 shelter animals are euthanized each year, although this number has actually decreased from 2.6 million in 2011 due to increased adoption rates.
  • Behavioral and health problems are the most typical reasons for animals being rehomed.
    • One method to lower the possibility of requiring to rehome an animal is to have a clear understanding of all the expenditures related to being an accountable family pet owner ahead of adoption.

Approximated expense of pet ownership

In advance family pet expenditures

The table listed below highlights approximated expense breakdowns of costs due at the time of adoption. While these are based upon shelter animals, a number of these expenses are similar to buying through a breeder. Bear in mind a few of the expenses are likewise repeating expenditures, such as heartworm and flea medication, which might require to be bought regularly.

The expenses listed below are quotes. Animal adoption rates differ by shelter, age, type and size of the family pet, according to Petfinder. Normally speaking, you can anticipate to pay around $425-$ 880 for family pet adoption expenses.

Expenditure Type Rescue dog Rescue cat
Physical and behavioral examinations $ 50-100 $ 50-100
Spaying/neutering $ 150-300 $ 150-300
Microchipping $ 50 $ 50
Fundamental vaccinations $ 15-60 $ 15-60
Flea and tick avoidance $ 50-200 $ 50-200
Medical tests Heartworm tests: $15-35 Leukemia tests: $30-50
Overall: $330-745 Overall: $345-$ 760

Buying from a breeder can include a much more significant total up to the expense and costs, depending upon the appeal of the type. For instance, French bulldogs cost approximately $4,000 usually, while golden retrievers balance approximately $3,000. Each breeder sets their own expenses, which might or might not consist of costs like spaying or neutering. Make certain to examine what expenses are consisted of in advance so you understand which petcare procedures have actually been taken by the breeder and which ones you may require to deal with by yourself.

Unique dog types tend to be much more pricey due to their rareness and costly medical expenditures. Uncommon types like a Samoyed, for instance, might have up to a $14,000 price according to quotes from Sensible Animal Insurance Coverage.

Repeating family pet expenditures

Expenses associated with family pet adoption or purchase might appear a bit frustrating at first, however the expenditures are generally just greater in the very first year of pet ownership. A family pet’s weight and size are 2 influencing aspects, as bigger pet dogs and felines need greater food amounts and medication does.

Petfinder has actually put together a list of typical typical expenses to think about when preparing to include a brand-new dog or cat to your house.

Expenditure type Repeating expenses for pet dogs Repeating expenses for felines
Food $ 120-500/ year $ 120-500/ year
Flea and tick avoidance $ 40-200 (depending upon weight) $ 20-200 (depending upon weight)
Vaccines and health $ 80-250/ year $ 110-550/ year
Emergency situation veterinarian see $ 300-1,000+ (depending upon intensity) $ 1,000+ (depending upon intensity)
Expert grooming Approximately $1,200/ year (depending upon coat) $ 300+/ year (depending upon coat)
Training Around $250/year (for newbie classes) N/A
Animal sitting and boarding $ 15-50/ day $ 15-50/ day
Deals with, toys and/or scratching post $ 50-300 $ 0-50 (thinking about scratching posts)
Bed and crate/carrier $ 25-250 (depending upon size) $ 40-175 (depending upon size)

Guaranteeing your family pet and home

As the variety of family pet owners increases, so does interest in family pet insurance coverage. Guaranteeing an animal can fall under 2 various classifications: family pet insurance coverage and/or home insurance coverage, such as a property owners insurance coverage. Animal insurance coverage is a different policy that covers an animal’s medical expenditures. With house owners insurance coverage, protection exists for family pet liability like a dog bite that takes place on your home.

Animal insurance coverage

In addition to having appropriate house owners or occupants insurance coverage, you might wish to think about including family pet insurance coverage. Like routine medical insurance, family pet insurance coverage is created to cover medical expenses for requirements varying from consuming toxin to dealing with lacerations. While family pet insurance coverage is optional, having it might avoid you from covering surprise veterinary expenses expense and might be particularly beneficial for accident-prone or unique requirements animals. Some types have a history of pricey medical conditions, such as English bulldogs, which typically have eye issues.

Comparing several family pet insurance coverage can assist you discover both the best cost and best fit. Animal type, age, weight and pre-existing conditions will all affect what kind of policy is best for you and your family pet.

Secret family pet insurance coverage stats:

Property owners insurance coverage

Animal insurance coverage is tailored towards medical expenses for your family pet, while a property owners or occupants insurance coverage covers medical expenses related to family pet bites. Although house owners insurance coverage do not cover home damage triggered by your family pet (such as from teething or scratching), it does cover medical expenditures if somebody needs to be dealt with as an outcome of a bite or scratch from your family pet. Prior to you bring house a brand-new family pet, it’s great to examine the liability limitations of your house owners or occupants insurance coverage in case another person is hurt by your family pet while visiting your house.

Welcoming a brand-new family pet into your house is a fantastic method to include enjoyment and joy to your environment. Nevertheless, doing so needs a monetary dedication, consisting of first-year expenses and continuous repeating expenditures. In addition to adoption or breeder expense factors to consider, you likewise require to consider treatment and food expenditures. With the monetary obligation of owning an animal, checking out extra protection can be helpful, such as including family pet insurance coverage to your house owners or occupants insurance coverage. Correctly preparing for an animal ahead of time can assist guarantee both your and your family pet’s requirements are being satisfied.

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