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Unified Charity Week integrates enjoyable and fundraising for L’Anse Creuse – Macomb Daily


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Three high schools in the L’Anse Creuse Public Schools district just recently hosted Charity Week, fundraising amongst the trainees and staff to benefit a number of charitable causes. Pictured are trainees and staff at L’Anse Creuse High School North in Macomb Township showing the overall quantity of money that their school raised throughout Charity Week. (IMAGE THANKS TO ROSA HOUGH)

Volleyball video games, Pet Wars and ice skating were amongst the occasions L’Anse Creuse Public Schools trainees utilized to bring 3 high schools together in the spirit of providing this March.

Student councils worked to produce enjoyment amongst the staff and trainee body for Unified Charity Week, a series of occasions created to fundraise for a range of causes. At L’Anse Creuse High School North in Macomb Township, an overall of $12,578 was raised, according to instructor and trainee council consultant Rosa Hough. As of press time, L’Anse Creuse High School (LCHS) in Harrison Township was still settling their overall, which was set to be revealed on March 24. The Frederick V. Pankow Center in Clinton Township raised $1,483.69, according to instructor and trainee management council consultant Chandler Missig.

Hough said this is the 3rd year that the 3 high schools have actually integrated their efforts for Charity Week.

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“We decided to make it a unified front and try to have the entire L’Anse Creuse community come together and show support,” Hough said. “At Pankow, many of our StuCo (student council) kids at LCHS and LCHSN are also on the Pankow Leadership Council. So the StuCo advisors met over Zoom and devised a plan to have the three groups come together, and we held meetings over Zoom with the various committees.”

Charity Week started at LCHSN on March 8 with a Pet Parade, followed by a March 9 pancake breakfast that raised $1,400. A March 10 snow day disrupted prepare for the brand-new Class Auctions at LCN.

“At High School North, we had planned for Class Auctions to take place on that day, where students as a class bid on various items and the highest winning class’s bid wins the prize,” Hough said. “Example – first hour was morning cartoons and breakfast. Third hour was a picnic lunch. Fifth hour was movie and snacks, popcorn, etc. We had to not hold Class Auctions on that day, but found a way to hold them on March 16 instead.”

Class auctions raised $1,300.

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“The classes were willing to bid on the items and still donate the money raised from all the class hours, competing for a chance to win the class prize. Really liked this event because all students in the class benefitted, since the prize was won for the entire class,” Hough said.

Another brand-new occasion for LCN throughout this year’s Charity Week was a thrift store.

“We collected new and gently used clothing from our students, and they could earn community service for their donations,” Hough said. “On Thursday, March 16, we had the thrift store sale before school and during all lunches, and even held a flash sale on Friday, March 17, to try and make more money for charity. We raised over $450 for our first time and already have plans on how to make this event even better for next year. It was a hit with both students and staff.”

LCHSN likewise held a Powerbuff volley ball video game for kids on March 12, Hough said. In addition to the cost to go into the video games, funds were likewise raised through concessions and a Miracle Minute for contributions. Charity Week ended at LCHSN on March 17, concluding with a pep assembly reveal of the overall.

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LCHS’ Charity Week started on March 9 with a French toast breakfast. LCHS employee and trainee council consultant Barbara Witkowski said that other occasions consisted of shamrock sales and raffle baskets. Although LCHS ended Charity Week on March 17, the reveal pep assembly with the overall was set to be held March 24.

Chandler Missig said Pankow hosted Charity Week March 13-17. Some occasions at Pankow she pointed out consisted of a Minute to Win It, raffles, a staff meal and March 14th’s Pi Day.

Hough said that all taking part structures hosted Pet Wars, which were competitors to identify the prettiest staff animal. Staff members paid $10 each to enter their family pets. LCN and LCHS staff contended in a beach ball video game at LCHS on March 15, and all structures were welcomed to take part in an ice skating occasion on March 13 at Mount Clemens Ice Arena in Mount Clemens. Hough said Tee shirts sales and coin stalls, or discovering methods to keep instructors counting coins raised for charity prior to starting classes, likewise stayed popular fundraising activities.

“Restaurants – chose local restaurants and encouraged people from the community to go and give back to those restaurants and eat there. We collected receipts from those establishments. We are all about supporting local businesses,” Hough said.

Money gathered from Pet Wars will be contributed to A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue in Clinton Township, and funds from both volley ball video games will benefit L’Anse Creuse Public Schools trainees going to Special Olympics. All other funds gathered will benefit the Macomb Charitable Foundation, a regional not-for-profit that is committed to offering help to homeless or poverty line kids in Macomb County. Charities to gain from United Charity Week were chosen by trainees, Hough said.

“We first polled all of our councils to see what type of charities they wanted to give – local vs. national – and if they wanted the money to go to specific charities from each event,” Hough said. “Our councils liked the idea of local charities and money raised going to specific events. Example – sporing events going to Special Olympics. Pet Wars going to a pet rescue.”

Spirit dress-up days were held throughout Unified Charity Week at no charge or contribution to a cause, simply to include enjoyable to the total occasion. Some of the gown days consisted of Adam Sandler Day, Animal or Camo Print Day, Pink Out, Tropical Day and Green or Charity Week Shirt Day.

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