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The Droylsden couple running an animal rescue centre from home – Quest Media Network


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The Droylsden Couple Running An Animal Rescue Centre From Home - Quest Media Network

An animal-loving couple are running a self-funded rescue centre from their Droylsden home.

Steph and Steve Proctor have actually dedicated their lives to animals requiring a 2nd possibility, after changing their property into a safe house for family pets around 3 and a half years back.

The set are presently taking care of 28 animals, consisting of 8 various types, the majority of whom have actually gotten to the sanctuary from abuse cases, desertion, overcrowded shelters and other disturbing circumstances.

“We’ve always loved animals,” explained Steph.

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“We rescued a cat a couple of years back, who was being significantly mistreated. She died a year later on and I was simply sad, however to make it through it, I simply believed: we have actually offered her a life, she’s understood a home and she’s understood love prior to she died. So I wished to consider that to as lots of as I potentially can which’s where this all began truly.” 

The Droylsden Couple Running An Animal Rescue Centre From Home - Quest Media Network

She continued: “We’ve developed it up throughout the years to what it is now. We chose to put out a number of hutches in the beginning, ones we’d discovered on Facebook market or ones we’d developed ourselves.

“But me and Steve both work full-time so we were continuously conserving as much as purchase more & more, so now everybody has the huge double hutches and I would not desire them in anything smaller sized.

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“I work nights and Steve works days, and because the pandemic he’s been working from home and just returns in the workplace one day a week so even if I’m not here and he’s working, he can nip out and look at them. That’s what we do 24/7, it’s a continuous rotation in between us both.

She included: “I might never ever rehome ever. I’d fret and stress over them, which is why sadly we can just help a lot of.

“Any space that I can fit an animal into, I will do but they’re not just placed anywhere it’s really thought out because I do also try to pride myself and I want to keep a home as well.”

The Droylsden Couple Running An Animal Rescue Centre From Home - Quest Media Network

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The couple’s enthusiasm and love for the animals in their care is infectious. Once the family pets reach the rescue, their lives focus on happiness and they are dealt with ‘like royalty’.

Steph said: “They’re let out of their areas for a run around every day, without fail. They enjoy fresh fruit and veg every single day, which does cost us but it’s my fault because they’re used to it now. If I went out with no veg it would be game over, they just love it! In the summer, we even bring out the paddling pool and they all adore that.”

The Droylsden Couple Running An Animal Rescue Centre From Home - Quest Media Network

With no financing from outside sources, the couple said: “Anything would help us, even if it was simply food or brand-new water bottles or toys for them. Absolutely anything.

“Another huge one for us is the turf. We invested a number of hundred pounds in 2015 on an entire brand-new yard and it’s now generally simply a sheet of mud, so we’re not exactly sure if it was low-cost turf or if we’ve done something incorrect with it. But if anybody might help us out with the turf that would be remarkable, since clearly the animals consume it.

“But just anything that anyone could ever offer and donate would be greatly appreciated.”

Steph and Steve likewise have a Facebook page where fans can anticipate routine updates on the animals. The page is called ‘Steph’s and Steve’s Animal Rescue’ and can be discovered here: 

Images by Nigel Wood

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