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Rhayader Wildlife Centre animal rescue in Powys shuts down


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Tim Churchill has actually run Rhayader Wildlife Rescue, near Nantmel, with his better half Kat given that 2017, establishing quickly after he suffered a cardiovascular disease.

Originally referred to as Valley View Falconry, the nature enthusiasts were swamped with demands to rescue and rehome animals from birds of victim to domestic family pets quit by their owners.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Tim and Kat have actually been running the centre – initially referred to as Valley View Falconry – from their own pockets, however recently revealed the centre was to close.

He said the centre would stop to run on Sunday, March 12, validating to the County Times today (March 14) it has actually shut.

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“Yes, the rescue is now closed. It has been a hard decision,” said Tim.

In a psychological post that has actually given that been erased, Tim mentioned regional chatter and the spread of disinformation lagging the choice.

He had actually been required to ask for contributions in 2015 when the centre’s typical water source was cut off, leaving Tim fearing that would result in it being closed down as its 200 animals would remain in risk. 

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A JustGiving page assisted raise over £3,500 to keep it running.

County Times:  All manner of creatures, great and small, have been taken in by the centre over the years, from birds of prey to ducks, chickens, rabbits, hedgehogs, parrots, ponies and alpacas All way of animals, excellent and little, have actually been taken in by the centre throughout the years, from birds of victim to ducks, chickens, bunnies, hedgehogs, parrots, ponies and alpacas (Image: None)

The Rhayader Wildlife Rescue Facebook page has actually given that been shut off, with Tim validating that they will continue to look after the animals they presently home, however they will not take in any longer saves.

Rhayader Wildlife Rescue is home to about 160 animals, consisting of geese, ducks, chickens, bunnies, birds, Shetland ponies and alpacas, hedgehogs, plus 9 birds of victim.

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They were bombarded with demands from members of the general public and veterinarians, who generated hurt birds of victim consisting of buzzards, red kites, tawny owls, and even an infant bat. 

The centre’s web page, which stays active, says: “With Kat and the family we established Valley View Falconry in lovely Mid Wales and anticipated a brand-new way of living.

“What we had not counted on was that soon members of the general public and the regional veterinarians would start to bring us hurt birds of victim.

“Pretty quickly word navigated that we took in animals and individuals began to ask if we might take in family pets such as bunnies, budgies and guinea pigs.”


“As the rescue broadened, the falconry business supported the endeavor and quickly we were building aviaries, purchasing hutches and putting up stables.

“Fully moneying it ourselves, we might not bear to see any animal suffer if there was a method we might help.”

It includes: “Since the start of the pandemic the variety of animals and undesirable family pets has actually increased quickly.

“We chose to officially call the operation and Rhayader Wildlife Rescue was born. Support has actually continued with individuals contributing bed linen, towels and food.”

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