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Black Dog Animal Rescue Voices Support for the Cheyenne Animal Shelter | News


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Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) stands in assistance of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter (CAS) and all buddy animals in our neighborhood. We are deeply saddened to learn of the City of Cheyenne’s current choice to cut financing completely to the shelter and develop a city animal control center.  

For almost 15 years Black Dog Animal Rescue has actually supplied much required services to the neighborhood and its animals. Including; the consumption and rehoming of 500-600 dogs and cats a year, basic and/or significant medical care and regular physical and psychological enrichment to all the animals that enter into their program, a family pet food kitchen which assists feed the family pets of households in requirement, dog and puppy training classes, low cost vaccine centers, and education and outreach to neighborhood members. BDAR’s spending plan for all of these services and 7 employee is a little over $500,000 annually. 

In contrast, CAS consumptions almost 80% more animals into their shelter every year. They supply the majority of the exact same services that Black Dog Animal Rescue does however more notably, they supply extra services that BDAR is not geared up to supply. Including however not restricted to; the consumption of roaming animals, animals from big hoarding cases, and animals associated with lawsuit and legal conflicts, all of which need the exact same care that every other animal needs and often for long amount of times. Whereas, Black Dog Animal Rescue can turn animals away when there disappears space, as an open-intake shelter, the Cheyenne Animal Shelter cannot. They need to make space for every single animal in requirement and need to do so in a center that ends up being more old-fashioned with each passing year. 

Knowing this, BDAR does not see how the city can undertake this task for less money and at the exact same time keep an appropriate center that will supply the greatest level of treatment and psychological enrichment for the countless animals that will come through their doors every year. 

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Executive Director, Emilee Intlekofer feels there are some extremely crucial concerns that the city ought to think about prior to undertaking this task, “As in any field, there are advancements every day in the field of animal welfare. Does the city plan to pay for their leaders and staff to participate in continuing education? Do they plan to train their staff in the very basics of animal sheltering such as; Socially Conscious Animal Sheltering (, The 5 Freedoms (, basic disease prevention and control, vaccination guidelines, and basic daily enrichment for all the animals in their care? Do they plan to develop relationships with rescues in the region for the transfer of animals when they do not get adopted in a timely fashion, come with or develop behavior issues, or have special medical needs that they are not equipped to handle? Metro animal facilities are notoriously dark, dingy, and depressing places. In these environments, animals quickly become ill and deteriorate mentally at a rapid pace. It is our fear that this proposed metro facility will be no different. If the city does not consider these questions and educate themselves on how to properly run an animal shelter, for one reason or another, many animals will surely die. There is no way to put that lightly.” 

“I am deeply concerned for the welfare of companion animals in our community.  I am skeptical that the City of Cheyenne can provide appropriate care for stray or seized animals for less money than what the Cheyenne Animal Shelter has requested. We are hopeful that a sensible resolution can be reached. Regardless of the outcome, BDAR will remain dedicated to working with our existing community partners in an effort to advocate for all companion animals”, says Erin Benskin, BDAR Board Chair.

Black Dog Animal Rescue is enthusiastic that the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and the City of Cheyenne can fix this quickly. If you are a fan of either BDAR or CAS or they have actually supported you in some method, Black Dog Animal Rescue motivates you to participate in the City Council conference at 2101 O’Neil Avenue on Monday, March 13th at 6pm.

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