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Black Dog Animal Rescue Adoptable Pets – May 22,2023 | Lifestyles


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Kelly Adoptable Dog


Meet Kelly! Kelly is a very sweet and smart girl. She is house trained, and crate trained. Kelly’s prey drive is a bit too high to live with cats or any type of livestock. But she does well with other dogs her own size. She can play rather rough sometimes and shouldn’t live with small dogs because of this. Kelly will also need a 6-foot fence to keep her safe. She is wonderful with children and loves everyone she meets. If you are looking for a fun, lovable girl to add to your family, apply to meet Kelly today!

Franklin Adoptable Dog


Meet Franklin! Franklin graduated from our PACK Program in 2021. Unfortunately, he is back with BDAR. He has some anxiety when he is left alone, and we are figuring out what makes him feel safer and calmer when he must be left alone. So far, other dogs in the house seem to be helping him cope! It’s going to help him and be best if he has a doggie sibling in his new home, and that he gets regular exercise. These two things are helping him cope with his anxiety. He is also on an anxiety medication that seems to be helping. Franklin loves his people and wants nothing more than to be your trusted sidekick. He will gladly follow you everywhere you go just so you don’t forget how much he loves you. Franklin has occasional spurts of playful energy and likes to play with a ball or go for a walk or a run. He has frequented Red Ruff Inn Doggie Daycare in Cheyenne and enjoys going there. Franklin is a little too interested in the feline type, so he should go to a home without cats. He knows how to jump a 4′ fence, so a taller fence is best for him. Apply to meet him today!

Bailey Adoptable Dog


Bailey is a happy-go-lucky pup who enjoys being around both people and other dogs. You’d never guess that he is 6.5 years young with the amount of happiness and energy that emanates from him. He’s a curious dog, too, and is always looking for the next adventure. When Bailey is outside his nose is to the ground investigating everything. In his foster home, he is trying very hard to get the other dogs to play with him. He gets super excited and has what can only be described as SUPER zoomies! Once he has had his fun zoomin’ around, he is content to snuggle up on the couch for a nice nap. Bailey loves to look out the window and his favorite place to chill is in front of the glass door watching the neighborhood. He does not bark much which is great! Bailey recently met the cats at Cheyenne Dog Food Company and did great meeting them! Bailey can easily clear a 4′ fence, so he needs a 6′ privacy fence to be secure in a yard. Bailey is a smart dog and would do best in a home that provides him with mental stimulation as well as exercise! He loves treats and is eager to learn new tricks! He deserves the best for the rest of his life! Apply to meet Bailey today.

Ginger Adoptable Cat


Meet Ginger! She has what is called eosinophilic granuloma, which is a big word to essentially say she has hypersensitive allergies. They don’t know what she is allergic to, but she may need a steroid and antibiotic shot every 2-4 weeks, depending on her improvements. Once she gets it under control, it is possible she won’t need them as often. She may just occasionally get flare ups. The cost of the two injections could be between $60-130 depending on her flareups.

Even though she has some skin issues, she is still a super sweet gal who has extra toes! She is polydactyl. She has lived with other cats and dogs before. She likes to hang out in the high spots on the cat tree or take a snooze in her hidey hole bed. Apply to meet her today!

Sweetie Adoptable Cat


As you can tell by his photo, Sweetie was not happy that day! He is starting to come around to people, but it’s going to be a slow process. He is currently at the Laramie County Detention Center with his roommate, Cali. They let people pet them on the head, but they are still pretty scared. Around 9pm they come around and like to chase each other and play. Sweetie’s newest thing is checking himself out in the reflection of windows. If you have the time and patience, we just know he will be a great house cat! He was at one point too, but his people abandoned him when they moved out, so he has trust issues, rightfully so! If you want to give him your time and patience, apply to meet him today!

Moxi Adoptable Cat


Moxi is a wonderful mom to her 7 babies. But now that they are all big and strong, she is ready to find a loving home of her own to retire from motherhood in. She was nervous for about 2 days in her foster home (which is not surprising as she was very pregnant!) but she came around to her foster parents quickly. Moxi enjoyed hanging out with them at night while they watched TV and got lots of pets. She loves her scratching post and really loves to eat! Moxi is very sweet and did well with the toddler in her foster home too during supervised visits. She’s a young kitty and would enjoy a home with lots of toys and nooks to lounge in. Interested in Moxi? Apply today!

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