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Ukraine Russia war latest news: Putin arrest warrant released by ICC as United States opposes China ceasefire strategy


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Arrest call for released for Vladimir Putin over ‘war crimes’ in Ukraine

The International Criminal Court has actually released an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin, with district attorneys in the Hague implicating Russia’s president of being accountable for war criminal activities dedicated in Ukraine.

The court said in a declaration that Mr Putin “is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of population (children) and that of unlawful transfer of population (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.”

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The significant statement came as the White House revealed issue over China’s efforts to play peacemaker ahead of president Xi Jinping’s state see to fulfill Mr Putin in Moscow on Monday – cautioning that a ceasefire at this moment in the war would have the impact of “ratifying Russian conquest”.

Meanwhile, Slovakia said it would send its 13-strong fleet of MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, ending up being the 2nd Nato member behind Poland to address president Volodymyr Zelensky’s pleas for aircrafts to help Kyiv push back Russia’s intrusion.

The Kremlin answered back on Friday that the fighter jets would be ruined and would not make a distinction to the course of the dispute.


Russian fighter pilots to be honoured after clash with United States drone

Russian fighter pilots associated with an occurrence with a US drone that led to its crash will be offered state awards, Moscow’s Defence Ministry has actually revealed.

The relocation appears to signify the Kremlin’s objective to adopt a more aggressive position towards future United States security flights.

The United States armed force said it dropped the Air Force MQ-9 Reaper in the Black Sea on Tuesday after a set of Russian fighter jets discarded fuel on the security drone and after that among them struck its prop while it was flying in global airspace.

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Moscow has actually rejected that its warplanes struck the drone, declaring that it crashed while making a sharp manoeuvre. It said its airplane responded to an infraction of a no-flight zone Russia has actually developed in the location near Crimea in the middle of the combating in Ukraine.

Jane Dalton18 March 2023 00:30


Soldiers ‘fear they are being sent to their deaths’ in Bakhmut

Ukrainian soldiers battling in Bakhmut state they fear they are being sent to their deaths in the middle of an unrelenting push by Russian forces to catch the city:

Jane Dalton17 March 2023 23:30


One of court’s most enthusiastic cases

The arrest warrant is among the most enthusiastic cases that the ICC has actually carried out and Andriy Yermak, chief of Ukraine’s governmental staff, said the warrant was “only the beginning”:

Jane Dalton17 March 2023 22:00


Ukrainians hold back Russian attacks in Bakhmut

Ukrainian forces have actually been continuing to hold up against Russian attacks on the messed up city of Bakhmut, the centerpiece for 8 months of Russian tries to advance through the Donetsk area in eastern Ukraine.

Ihor, a 36-year-old soldier at the mortar position, said Ukrainian forces had actually been targeted by air campaign, mortar fire and tank shelling.

“You don’t always check on what’s flying over your head,” he included, bending in a deep trench.

Ukrainian soldiers set up an anti-tank rocket systems ‘Stugna’ near Bakhmut


Jane Dalton17 March 2023 21:30


Wheels of justice are turning, says Kyiv foreign minister

International wrongdoers will be held responsible for taking kids and other global criminal activities, Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba said.

“The wheels of justice are turning,” he composed.

Jane Dalton17 March 2023 20:45


Putin will deal with justice one day, says Starmer

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, a previous director of public prosecutions, likewise invited the providing of an arrest warrant for Mr Putin, forecasting he would one day face justice.

“Today’s announcement sends an important message: there will no hiding place for Putin and his cronies and the world is determined to make them pay for what they have done,” he said.

“These cases are simply the suggestion of the iceberg.

“One day Putin will deal with justice: up until then, the focus of all who think in Ukraine‘s liberty and freedom must continue to be on ensuring her victory.”

Dominic Raab, the deputy prime minister and justice secretary, told the BBC: “It is, I suspect, going to be a long journey but people said that about Yugoslavia and Rwanda and many of those people responsible for the carnage ended up in the dock of a court.

“In the short term it will be very hard for President Putin to move around the world because there are so many countries who are parties to the ICC who will be duty bound to arrest him.”

Jane Dalton17 March 2023 20:18


Zelensky hails ‘historic’ choice

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said the International Criminal Court’s choice to provide an arrest warrant versus Vladimir Putin was historical and blamed Putin for the deportation of countless Ukrainian kids.

“This is an historic decision which will lead to historic accountability,” he said in his nighttime video address.

The genuine variety of deported kids might be much more than 16,000, he said, and said their deportations made up a policy of “state evil which starts precisely with the top official of this state.”

He included: “It would have been impossible to enact such a criminal operation without the say-so of the man at the helm of the terrorist state.”

Jane Dalton17 March 2023 19:55


UK minister invites arrest warrant

The UK foreign secretary has actually invited the providing by the International Criminal Court of an arrest warrant for Mr Putin for war criminal activities.

James Cleverly said it was important that those at the top of the program in Moscow were held to represent the atrocities which have actually happened given that the intrusion a year earlier.

He said in a declaration on social networks that those accountable for dreadful war criminal activities in Ukraine need to be taken to court.

“We welcome the step taken by the independent ICC to hold those at the top of the Russian regime, including Vladimir Putin, to account,” he composed.

“Work must continue to investigate the atrocities committed.”

Jane Dalton17 March 2023 19:41


EU nations to sign offer to purchase shells for Ukrainian soldiers

Several European Union nations will sign an arrangement on Monday to collaborate to purchase weapons rounds for Ukraine as part of an effort to accelerate and increase the supply of shells that Kyiv says it urgently requires to combat Russia’s intrusion.

A senior EU authorities said a number of the bloc’s 27 nations were anticipated to sign the so-called task plan, which sets out the regards to recommendation for the strategy, however the exact number was uncertain as some were still taking a look at the proposition.

“This arrangement has been set up very, very quickly,” the senior EU authorities, speaking on condition of privacy, informed a news rundown on Friday. “All (EU) member states and Norway can participate.”

Jane Dalton17 March 2023 19:11


Russia steps up Bakhmut pressure

The leader of Ukrainian ground forces said Russian forces were attempting to break through Ukrainian defences in numerous instructions in an effort to totally surround the little eastern city of Bakhmut.

“Bakhmut remains the epicentre of hostilities. Battles for the city continue,” General Oleksandr Syrskyi said. “The enemy is using all its forces and is trying to break through the defence in several directions and completely surround the city.”

Russia has actually made the capture of Bakhmut a top priority in its method to take control of Ukraine’s eastern Donbas commercial area.

Jane Dalton17 March 2023 18:26

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