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Stocks fall greatly as bank worries take in international markets


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7:46 a.m. ET, March 15, 2023

Markets flash indication

Credit Suisse’s shares were trading down almost 22% in Zurich on Wednesday, and the cost of purchasing insurance coverage versus the threat of a Credit Suisse default struck a brand-new record high, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The crash overflowed into other European banking shares, with French and German banks such as BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank falling in between 8% and 10%.

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Customers withdrew billions from Credit Suisse in 2015, adding to the bank’s most significant yearly loss given that the international monetary crisis in 2008. And the blows keep coming for Switzerland’s 2nd most significant bank.

On Tuesday, it acknowledged “material weakness” in its monetary reporting and ditched benefits for magnates.

Speaking to Bloomberg TELEVISION on Tuesday, Credit Suisse CEO Ulrich Körner said the bank saw “material good inflows” of money on Monday, even as markets were startled by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in the United States.

Outflows from the bank had “significantly moderated” after clients withdrew 111 billion francs ($122 billion) in the 3 months to December, Körner included. In its yearly report, the bank said outflows had actually not yet reversed by the end of in 2015.

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Körner said the collapse of SVB was “somewhat of an isolated problem.” Credit Suisse follows “materially different and higher standards when it comes to capital funding, liquidity and so on,” he included.

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