• GenderFemale
  • Age1 year old (approx)
  • BreedFerret
  • ColourPolecat and Albino
  • Can live withOther ferrets
  • StatusAvailable for adoption

About us

Camilla and her friend Megan are a lively pair of ferrets who came in to RSPCA care after RSPCA Inspectors found their welfare needs were not being met . They have now been neutered and are now looking for a loving home They can live as a pair or could live with other neutered ferrets. They would need to live in their own separate accommodation while they are being bonded with their new friends.

They are generally good to handle although Megan can be a little nippy at times. They enjoy playing with their toys and running around our ferret room through tunnels and the ball pit. They will need to live in a 5ft by 2ft hutch or indoor ferret cage and have a secure 6ft by 4ft run attached to it. They will need lots of enrichment and tubes and toys to play with and have nice warm cosy bed to sleep in.

If you can give Camilla and Megan their forever home then please fill in a small animal on line application form. Please could you send in a photo of your accomodation.


Our adoption process has changed. Please complete an application form online. The form will be automatically email to Millbrook. We will call you for a chat and you may be invited for an appointment to meet the animal.

This application does not guarantee an adoption. We are inundated with applications and we will only get in touch with you if your application is approved. Please bear with us & thank you for your patience.

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