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Newfoundland Dogs: Facts, Personality, Fun Facts

Each month we will likely be shining a light-weight on completely different dog breeds in our collection, Dog Breed of the Month. Next up, we dive into the great world of Newfoundlands. Keep studying for every little thing it’s essential to know, together with temperament, life expectancy and enjoyable information.

“Newfoundlands are a sweet, patient, and even life-saving breed, who make a wonderful companion for the right owners. However, these gentle giants do require a lot of space due to their size,” Bill Lambert, a spokesperson for The Kennel Club, tells Country Living.

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newfoundland dog breed

newfoundland dog breed

Looking to undertake a Newfoundland? From traits to train necessities, hold studying for every little thing it’s essential to know…

What have been Newfoundlands initially bred for?

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The Newfoundland is a big, sturdy canine breed that takes its identify from the area of Northeast Canada. They have been initially used as a working canine to drag nets for fishermen, making them glorious swimmers.

“The breed’s versatility has seen them trawling fishermen’s carts; pulling logs from the forest for lumberjacks; hauling in fishermen’s nets; jumping from boats to retrieve lost equipment, and in more recent times, jumping out of low flying planes and helicopters to rescue swimmers in distress,” says Bill.

“Their oily waterproof coat and webbed feet aid them in their water work, and most recently, a team of life-saving Newfoundlands, led by paramedic, Pete Lewin from Leicester, won The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award at Crufts 2022 for their work in suicide prevention.”

newfoundland dog

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Are Newfoundlands good household canine?

Yes, Newfoundland canine make nice household pets. Bill provides: “Newfoundlands are affectionate and devoted to their owners, as well as being good with children. However, their size and coat means they will need to live in a large house with access to a large garden, ideally in the country, with up to an hour of recommended exercise a day, as well as daily grooming for their coarse coat.

What canine activities do Newfoundlands like?

Newfoundlands need around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day to stay fit and healthy. As well as going on long walks, these laid-back pups love to swim.

“Known for being a multipurpose canine, as snug on land as in water, they get pleasure from out of doors actions, particularly swimming,” says Bill. “They have additionally been recognized to take part and even excel in disciplines resembling agility, obedience and rally amongst others.”

a happy newfoundland dog runs out of a puddle the doggy is wet, drops of water are falling from the hair outdoor photo

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7 enjoyable information about Newfoundlands

  1. They make nice water rescue canine, due to their muscular construct, thick double coat
  2. Newfoundlands like to eat
  3. They actually love swimming
  4. They are massive, sturdy, devoted canine from the working class
  5. The large Newfoundland is a strikingly massive, highly effective working canine
  6. They are surprisingly mellow, contemplating their large dimension
  7. Newfoundlands originated from Canada

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