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I’m a previous dog groomer & there are 5 types I would never ever own after working there, one is such high upkeep

IT CAN be challenging to understand what dog breed to select as a family pet if you have actually never ever had one.

Luckily, one previous dog groomer has actually exposed the 5 dog types she would not own after dealing with them for 3 years.

TikTok user Jozadak revealed the five dog breeds she wouldn't own 6

TikTok user Jozadak exposed the 5 dog types she would not ownCredit: TikTok/@jozadak
After spending years grooming dogs, she said German Shepherds were high maintenance to keep clean 6

After costs years grooming dogs, she stated German Shepherds were high upkeep to keep tidyCredit: Getty

TikTok user Jozadak, from Florida, United States, submitted a video of the 5 types, and very first suggested steering clear of German Shepherds as they can be such high upkeep.

She discussed: “These are gorgeous dogs, I likeGerman Shepherds

“But the maintenance that comes with owning one of these – either you’re doing it poorly or you’re not doing it well enough.”

She includes you will be consuming fur for breakfast, lunch and supper, that cleaning them will obstruct your bath tub and in basic excessive upkeep.

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Next, Jozadak stated she would never ever own a Husky, however included this was more of an individual option as she resides in such a hot environment.

She included that like German Shepherds, Huskies would shed a great deal of fur.

While English Bulldogs might look charming with their rolls of fat, they can in fact be a big discomfort to tidy.

The previous groomer discussed that there was absolutely nothing incorrect with these loveable dogs minus a couple of health problems, however the skin creases immediately put her off.

She discussed: “Yeah you require to clean up that, you require to open them up enter there with a rag, water, and soap and tidy it out.

“If you don’t, I end up doing it and by the time I get to it, it’s disgusting, it smells, it’s green.”

“If you can’t properly take care of this kind of dog, DON’T GET IT,” she includes.

The 4th dog the groomer would never ever own is a Cocker Spaniel, once again due to the fact that of a few of the typical health problems that include them.

“These dogs are so prone to ear infection,” she exposed.

The dog groomer stated she typically saw Cocker Spaniels been available in with ear infections, which were challenging to eliminate and smell horrible.

The last dog breed she stated she would never ever think of getting is aChihuahua

She discussed “I can’t stand these dogs, I’m being major.

“These dogs are so temperamental, I don’t care if you have the most wonderful Chihuahua in the entire world.”

She included they’re typically in locations they should not be due to the fact that of how little they are, and likewise the most aggressive.

Many dog owners required to the remarks to share their ideas, one composed: “I have a German Shepherd, they shed a lot but It’s easy to keep up with it. They are amazing dogs!”

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Another commented:”For some reason the smaller the dog the meaner it is.”

A 3rd penned: “Also chihuahuas be twitching like crazy I legit think that all chihuahuas have rabies or an attitude.”

All you require to called a dog owner

Huskies can also be difficult to keep clean and you'll find fur everywhere 6

Huskies can likewise be challenging to keep tidy and you’ll discover fur all overCredit: Getty
English Bulldogs need some extra TLC for their rolls 6

English Bulldogs require some additional TLC for their rollsCredit: Getty – Contributor
Cocker Spaniels often have issues with their ears


Cocker Spaniels typically have problems with their earsCredit: Getty
Chihuahuas are known to be tempremental


Chihuahuas are understood to be temprementalCredit: Getty


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