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Forget cats in trees–Kirkby firemens rescue hedgehog from a hole

A crew from Kirkby’s Ashfield Fire Station were contacted us to a hedgehog ‘that had fallen down a hole’.

Firefighters were contacted us to Abbey Road, Kirkby, the other day, Thursday, simply after 8.40 pm.

The hedgehog was stuck in examination cover underground, and teams launched it by utilizing little tools.

Firefighters with the saved hedgehog.

A spokesperson for the Sutton Road station stated: “We used breaking-in gear to take up some slabs and remove a collar around the top to gain better access.

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“A firefighter then gently removed the hedgehog from the hole. It was given some pet food, the occupier will monitor it and then let it go free.

“It’s not just fires we attend.”

The hedgehog by the examination hole where it had actually been stuck.
Firefighters got rid of some pieces and the collar of the cover to release the hedgehog.
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