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Two Birds, one Shield: Magpies stalwart John Bird’s guidance to Ranfurly- confident child

John Bird, envisioned front playing versus Auckland in 1987, clocked up 82 video games for Hawke’s Bay in between 1981-1992. Photo Supplied

Hawke’s Bay rugby icon John Bird would choose imposing child and Wellington Lion Dominic Bird didn’t knock the Magpies from their perch in Saturday’s Ranfurly Shield clash. He talks to Mark Story about divided commitments, playing days and Shield sanctity.

You’ve played in 3 Ranfurly Shield difficulties however have actually never ever held it up. Would you like Dominic to be the very first Bird to do so, or do you choose it remains in the Bay?
Ranfurly Shield matches are a really unique event to be associated with. The buzz and the enjoyment not just affects the gamers, it affects the entire neighborhood and I believe that’s what everyone enjoys about this unique piece of wood. It’s entrenched in rugby history. I’ve heard previous All Blacks state that the matches are frequently more physical than a global test match. I never ever had the excellent fortune of holding that piece of wood up myself, however definitely enjoyed the adrenalin and the buzz developing to the matches I played attempting to.
Would I like to see Dominic and his Wellington colleagues hold that Shield come fulltime tonight? I do not understand that I’d enjoy about that! My loyalty lies with my old side theMagpies Our kids are playing some excellent footy and I believe all of us like having the Shield here in our cabinet.

Hawke's Bay born and raised Dominic Bird will attempt to take the Ranfurly Shield from his home province for Wellington on Saturday night. Photo Getty Sport
Hawke’s Bay born and raised Dominic Bird will try to take the Ranfurly Shield from his home province for Wellington on Saturday night. Photo Getty Sport

Favourite minute playing for the Magpies?
There were numerous minutes through the years that I keep in mind as excellent. I believe the greatest thing that I’m grateful for is being lucky sufficient to be chosen to dip into that level, as numerous gamers do not. The speed and strength of the video game was amazing sometimes, and the adrenalin caused by that and a singing crowd was incredible. The friendship developed through the years in between colleagues and challengers is a really unique thing too. Being chosen as a 19-year old by Neil Thimbleby and captaining the side for a duration, having fun with and versus All Blacks, playing internationals versus France, Wales, Australia – there were numerous excellent minutes.

Your greatest gripes with the contemporary video game?
I believe the greatest gripes I have would be the scrum engage strategy – the reason for a great deal of scrums collapsing. A statistician would most likely show me incorrect, however I do not remember that much video game time taken up with resets. Too numerous huge systems (forwards) hovering around in the backline, limiting ball motion. Too numerous cards provided – it’s a contact video game, get utilized to it or do not play it.

Former Magpie John Bird will be at McLean Park to watch his son attempt to lift the Ranfurly Shield from his home province on Saturday night. Photo NZME
Former Magpie John Bird will be at McLean Park to view his child effort to raise the Ranfurly Shield from his home province on Saturday night. Photo NZME

Who’s your most appreciated All Black, why?

There are lots of All Blacks who you can’t assist however appreciate both previous and present, however through my years it would need to beBuck Shelford The large power of the guy was amazing and his focus and dedication was 2nd to none. Great fella to choose it.

If you could impart some knowledge to Dominic when he abandons McLean Park on Saturday, what would it be?

My words to the kid video game day would be do your task initially and do it right. Be precise and be scientific. Be aggressive, however remain made up. I’d most likely include – keep an eye out kid, here come the Magpies!

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